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What is Rahu Dosha How to remove malefic effects of Rahu

What is Rahu Dosha?

Rahu Dosha is the bad condition of a person when the malefic planet Rahu sits in the horoscope of people in the 7th house. The house of 7 is the house of married life, relationship, happiness and even relationship with spouse. Therefore, it will bring inauspicious effect in one’s life. There is nothing to fear and you should know how can I overcome Rahu Dosha.

The bad placement of Rahu can cause many hardships in life. If the other planets in your birth natal chart is good, then the affect of the Rahu will be less. If you have no idea on how to manage Rahu Dosha in your chart, then consulting an astrologer is the best idea.

What is Rahu Dosha in marriage?

In getting married, many single people face problems, they also become disloyal in the relationship that can lead to separation and divorce. Does Rahu affect marriage? Yes, if the position of Rahu is not good, then it affects your married life too. If you are working, then your work life also gets affected and you suffer tremendous business loss. There will be lack of confidence and even become doubtful in relationship and decision.

Rahu dosha remedies in Hindi

Rahu influence is strong and it has strong influence on other planets too. There are remedies for Rahu Dosha and you should know that. Who is the God for Rahu? Jupiter controls the influence of Rahu and Friday is the Rahu day. If you want to get rahu remedies for marriage, then chant the below mantra.

|| O RA Raheb Namoh ||

You have to chant this mantra for 108 times. get a yantra or lucky charm from the renowned astrologer and know how to remove Rahu Dosha. Trying these rahu dosha remedies will help you live a happy life.

Which god to worship for Rahu?

Jupiter is the only planet which can control Rahu. If you respect Guru and worship, then you can save yourself from the Rahu Dosha. The rahu dosha symptoms are delays, laziness and even hurdles in the work. Rahu reflects the shadow in a zodiac sign for 18 months and this is how long does Rahu Dosha last. Hence it creates emotional imbalance, confusion and depression. If it is placed in the good position in the horoscope, then your luck will bright up, intellect will come bright and the native will receive fame, honor in the society. The planet Rahu is friendly with Saturn, Venus, and Mercury. While Sun and Moon are the enemy planets and strong and bad enemy more to Sun.

Astrological and rahu ketu remedies at home

  • Take a blue thread tie a sandalwood and wear it. It will reduce the negative effect of Rahu. It reduces the fear and anger in one person. It is one of the rahu remedies for students.
  • During Rahu Kaal, you should meditate and it will protect you from the bad effect of Rahu.
  • Donate four coconut, water in temple during Amavasya time. The coconut remedy for rahu is essential and effective.
  • Keep fennel seed under pillow to improve sleep during bad effect of Rahu.
  • For 40 days, chant Rahu Beej Mantra for 18000 times.
  • Keep silver elephants in the house and use silver glass so you can drink anything.
  • Wear 8 mukhirudrakash and that will be beneficial
  • Wear dark blue clothes
  • Keep fast on Saturday and then have a meal after the sunset.
  • Store water in the corner of south-west and it will improve Rahu position.
  • Donate black and blue clothes to the poor people. It will please Rahu.
  • Add milk to a cup of water while you are bathing and do this for 43 consecutive days that will benefit you.

Rahu’s Effect on your residence

Checking one’s home you can understand if Rahu has positive or negative effect. A house without love, peace, always fights, sibling rivalry, then it has negative effect of Rahu. House with dust, dirt, water stagnation, stomach related problems are the reasons of Rahu Dosha. Taking astrological help from the renowned astrologer will reduce the Rahu ill effect.

Marriage and Rahu Dosha

Rahu plays an important role in married life. If the position is ill, then there will be problem and bad situation of the married life. You have to understand the various effects of Rahu in your marriage. The remedies for Rahu Dosha to improve your marriage will help you live a happy married life

A marriage depends on love, respect and mutual understanding. When Rahu has its ill impact then it can cause a trouble in the marriage. In the marriage, Mars, Rahu and Saturn are the three planets that determines the marriage. But when they are in relation with the 7th House then marriage becomes a problematic one.

Rahu Dosha effects as per houses

  • 1st house- if there is any planet in the first house, then it is auspicious. It will cause bad affect if the Saturn, Mars and Ketu are weak. 
  • 2nd house- if Rahu is benefic then it will bring long life, money and prestige. In make fix form, it can make the family poor and even the family fall short for the miserable life. One can face intestinal disorder sand problem in saving money. 
  • 3rd house- it is the house where permanently stay and here if Rahu is benefic then will make the person fearless, faithful, victorious. But if the Rahu is male fix, then it will bring loss of money, wasting of money and sister will become widow. 
  • 4th house- benefic Rahu in this house will bring intelligence and wealth. If benefic Rahu resides with benefic Venus, then after marriage the in-laws will become rich. If it is male fix with weak moo then both mother, father will suffer from the poverty. 
  • 5th to 12th house- with each house the direct of marriage, person’s characteristics and even the condition of one person will remain benefic and male fix with the Rahu’s nature. 

Rahu Dosha remedies for 7th house


7th house in a birth chart is the house of relationship, marriage and partners. If the Rahu Dosha hits the 7th house, then your marriage, relationship, love and trust will be at stake. Hence, you should chant Rahu mantra-


|| Om BhramBhreem Bhrim Sah Rahave Namah ||


This mantra needs to be changed for 18000 times for almost 40 days. Then only you will get its great effect. After that, you should Jaap one Mala with this Rahu mantra on an everyday basis. 


Keeping a yantra is another solution that will reduce the malefic effect of Rahu. For any kinds of problems that Rahu gives you, one can get the remedies for better good. Therefore, it will give good luck and if anyone use yantra for the planet, then it gives positive effect. Rahu yantra is the best for Rahu remedy. 


You can worship to Lord Ganesha to remove all your obstacles. If you keep lucky Ganesha with you, it can help in the reducing of malefic effect of the Rahu. Donation is another best solution for you that are related to Rahu. Donate blue, brown, sesame seeds and blankets especially on Saturdays. Pray and worship Lord Shiva, clean the home from dirt, throw away all the negative energies, burn camphor so to attract good and positive vibes. Feed fish barley and wheat made food to black dog especially on Saturdays. Have your daily meal in the utensils made of Iron. Therefore, it makes a big impact in your life. If you are suffering marriage problem, late marriage or any other bad effect, then doing these remedies will be helpful and give you the strength to bring the bliss back in your life. It is a good thing you can do enjoy happy married life. 


Talking with an astrologer

An astrologer is the one who will analyze your natal chart and depict what are the positions of the planets. If any astrologer finds that Rahu is in 7th house then it can cause bad impact in your marriage. They will give certain solutions. These solutions are effective if you follow them religiously. It works on the belief and you have to understand that an astrologer is an expert on this.

You have to keep patience and everything will fall into the place. You will get the result that you are looking for. The astrologer is the one whom you can believe to get the best solution. Therefore, believe in yourself and you will never get any disappointment. Working on the marriage is a two-way process. Both the partners have to follow the advice, chant the mantras to work on the marriage. It definitely gives you better solution and you will get the effective remedies from the same. Look no further and book an appointment with the astrologer and check your birth chart with the expert. Follow the advice and bring back the harmony in your married life.



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