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India and Indians are not new to astrology. However, not that many people are aware of Nadi astrology.

Nadi astrology, one of the oldest and most traditional methods of foretelling the future, is said to be a little different. Every human on the planet already has a written record of their history, present, and future claims in this school of astrology.

The most fascinating part of Nadi astrology is that it is thought that four ancient sages wrote the complete life chakra of all people – both those who had already been born and those who would in the future, including us all – on palm leaves, and those leaves remain.

Incredible, isn’t it? The discovery of these palm leaves was an extraordinary development because it has always been a human fantasy to learn more about their life, particularly their future. However, it is necessary that you first study basic facts about Nadi astrology to learn more about it and the sages who documented the destiny of people.

The 4 Sages’ and Nadi Astrology’s historical context

The four Nadis—Suka Nadi, Brahma Nadi, Agasthiya Nadi, and Kaushika Nadi—are each named for a sage who is thought to have developed this discipline of astrology.

These wise men were endowed with sight, and they recorded what they saw on palm leaves thousands of years ago in the Chola area, which is today in Tamil Nadu.

Nevertheless, Nadi astrology is challenging to interpret. In reality, because the majority of them are poems, it is thought to be the most difficult texts to interpret.

The highly trained astrologers who can read those sights attest to the veracity of this ancient practice, even though it may be difficult to believe that the past, present, and future of every person born and yet to be born on earth have already been seen and recorded by the Sages of the Yore.

However, as people are very interested in the future, there are also a lot of rumors regarding Nadi’s astrology. The rumors that one should be wary of are these. The tips below are undoubtedly quite intriguing if you’re interested in true information rather than merely fake, regardless of how engaging it seems.

Some facts about Nadi astrology

  • The practice of using astrology to foretell the future first appeared in South India.
  • Tamil Nadu and Kerala are the regions with the oldest records.
  • It is said that four sages who could see into the lives of all people wrote the knowledge down on palm leaves and tree bark.
  • Nadi astrology is still widely used and practiced in South India’s rural areas despite its long history.
  • It is thought that the four sages who were endowed with the ability to see into the future were also able to look into the past, present, and future of those who had passed away.

ll Om Shri Agastya Lopamudra

Byham Namah Om ll

The Origin of Nadi Astrology

Qualified linguists who have seen, read, and comprehended the inscription explicitly state that the leaves were discovered at a Tamil Nadu temple. The temple has since been transformed into the Saraswati Mahal Library, which is located in the Tanjore region of Tamil Nadu. Anyone who claims differently about the site of the genuine Nadis’ discovery and detention is lying.

Sometimes, the actual palm leaves with the written forecasts are carried to major cities like Delhi and Mumbai. Nevertheless, none of those leaves are ever left there or anywhere indefinitely. After being studied, they are delivered back to the Saraswati Mahal Library.

The actual Nadis are not readily available to the general population.

What exactly is Nadi Astrology?

The ancient Indian sages known as Rishis developed their intellects and made many discoveries in the arts and sciences for the benefit of coming human generations. Nadi Astrology is one of these rare sciences. Nadi Astrology, also known as “Nadi Jyotish,” is a kind of Dharma astrology that is used in several regions of India.

It is predicated on the idea that ancient Dharma sages predicted the past, present, and destiny of all human lives.

The holy scripture leaves it up to the persons in question to choose the spiritual cures, including the temple poojas. Dharma astrology in its Nadi form is performed in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and surrounding areas of India. The Nadi palm leaves are identified by their thumbprints (right for men, left for women). A sign has 150 Nadis, and each sign occupies 30 of the 360 degrees of the zodiac. The twelve Zodiac signs are separated into three groups: Fixed, Movable, and Dual (Dvisvabhava) (Sthira).

Each of these three categories of indicators has its unique phraseology, which is 150 Nadis. 360 degrees have 1,800 Nadis in total. All four Chara signs have identical Nadi names and numbers. Numbers and names of Nadis are the same throughout all four Sthira signs, however, the numbering differs from that of the Chara and Dvisvabhava signs.

Additionally, the four Dvisvabhava signals have comparable Nadi numbers among them but differ from Chara or Sthira indications. The Nadi leaves include prophecies that are broken down into chapters or kandams. Depending on the situation, one might receive a generic or specialized forecast.

Benefits of Nadi Astrology

An important advantage of Nadi astrology, also known as Nadi Astrology, is that it gives you a better knowledge of the tie between your previous and current lives. Nadi Astrology gives precise strategies to change the bad karma from your previous lifetimes, which is a different and more beneficial advantage.

Your history might hold you back now. The Nadi Leaf contains not only the road map for your soul but also a list of “solutions or course corrections” that might put you back on the proper path. Errors from the past may be rectified and changed. This serves as Authentic Indian Astrology’s historical context.

Your life predictions were meticulously etched into the dried leaf by expert scribes using a special instrument or stylus at the request of the Rishis. To prevent fracturing the leaf, everything was done by hand. There was practically never a break between words in the text.

This is one reason why proficiency in Tamil or Sanskrit as well as training are prerequisites for interpreting the leaves. After the etching was finished, oil was rubbed in to help preserve them, and lamp black or turmeric was used to improve contrast and make them readable. Then, a string was tied between two wooden covers to bind a bundle of leaves belonging to the same soul grouping or thumbprint category.

Significance of Nadi Astrology

Diverse parts of the world have different astrological practices. The importance of Nadi Astrology, also known as Nadi Jyotish, is that it is legitimate and provides more precise forecasts than any other form of astrology. It is practiced in Tamilnadu, India. Again, it is believed that no one may visit Nadi Astrology to learn about their life predictions unless Sri Lord Shiva has so decreed.

Nadi Astrology, also known as Nadi Jyotish, produces the most precise findings of all. Because the Rishis have already defined and recorded them as statements spoken by Lord Shiva himself. The events in your life will unfold as Shri Lord Shiva has already planned them, and you could be chosen to be informed of them in advance. The foundation of Nadi astrology, like other predictive sciences, is the idea that every human mortal’s fate is predetermined.

Gayatri Mantra:

|| Om Bhur Bhuva Swaha

Tat Savitur Varenyam

Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi

Dhiyo Yonah Prachodayat. ||

Based on a person’s prior karmas, Nadi Astrology (also known as Nadi Jyotish) also recommends penances and treatments. But what distinguishes it from other branches of astrology is the peculiar and interesting idea that only someone who has been predestined to know his fate will approach the Nadi reader at a “predestined age” and a “predestined moment.”

Remedies of Nadi Astrology

When a soul is born as a person on this planet, it brings with it the actions of all of its previous births (good and bad karma). Therefore, at the time of the soul’s birth on this planet, those various types of acts are imprinted on it. A soul will benefit or experience positive outcomes from life on earth if it has only performed nice and compassionate activities in previous lives.

On the other pointer, if the soul committed sins in previous lives, it will experience unpleasant outcomes (miseries) in this one. Therefore, the happiness and suffering the soul encounters during its incarnation are a result of its actions. Therefore, refraining from harmful behavior and engaging in good behavior should be the goal of an ideal soul.


It is said that the physical world is only an illusion and that the secrets of former lives are kept from the individual. As a result, a person is unable to identify the causes of the happiness and misery in his or her life. As the proverb says, “As you sow, so you reap,” the soul that understands the actual meaning of his or her birth and lives a good life while on earth will undoubtedly reap all the rewards.



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