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What is Kuja Dosha How to remove Kuja dosha

What is Kuja Dosha?

Kuja Dosha is a kind of problem that will create bad influence rather than giving any positive result. If there is any malefic placement of the planet in the birth chart, then Kuja Dosha happens. In the horoscope, the planetary positions whether good or bad impact the birth chart. It depends on the time and place as per the native’s birth. Accordingly, one will get the astrological design of his or her character and life. What happens if we have Kuja Dosha? Well, it is a big question and it depends on your birth chart. When Mars (Kuja), Saturn and even Ketu will assume that they are in inauspicious positions then it may create the doshas. 


Indeed, there are different types of doshas like kala Sara Dosha, Maadi Dosha, Pitta Dosha, Rahu-Ketu Dosha and finally Kuja Dosha. There are certain conditions for each doshas that can occur as per the planetary position of your birth chart. The period and nature of Dosha will vary from one another. Some of the people face short time effect while others face bad effect for the long time. This Dosha arises because of the previous birth karma as well. Due to Mars malefic position and reason many other doshas also arises. Kuja Dosha which also means Mangle Dosha affects the chances of marriage and it happens due to the bad placement of Kuja in the birth natal chart. 

How do I know my Kuja Dosha?

Before you know about Kuja Dosha, you should know the features of Mars that may bestow upon you. 

  • Mars is the planet of courage, confidence, energy, willpower
  • It can bring megabits if it is wrong like anger, aggression, competition, hot temper, irritation, conflicts, domination and disaster. 

The planets position in the birth chart will impact the features of the Mars. But one can channelized the energy of Kuja in a positive direction. Then it will be in good condition or else it can cause serious problem in life. 

What are the reasons of Kuja Dosha?

The unfavorable position of Mars in the birth chart causes the Kuja Dosha. It can affect the married life of the individual. The horoscope of a person will suffer if the planet is in 2nd, 7th, 4th, 12th and 8th houses from the lagna or Venus or Moon. But it is not the only cause of Kuja Dosha. There are many other factors that triggers the malefic formation. If it resides in 8th and 7th house, then the condition of Dosha is much more. 

Following are the house wise problems that a birth chart can depict of Kuja Dosha.

  • In 1st house it is quarrelsome, dominating, combative.
  • In 2nd house it indicates harsh speech
  • In 4th it is emotional aggressive results in frequent changes in the career as well.
  • In 7th house, it offers too much of energy that creates differences in the family members.
  • In 8th house, there will be early death of one’s mate
  • In 12th house, it causes financial losses, enemies, repressed anger

Though all these things do not confirm that one has Manglik Dosha but there are certain other plants that can influence the Dosha and even helps in nullify the effect of Dosha. 

What impacts of Kuja Dosha will you have on the marriage?

When there are serious disagreements or there is constant fighting in between couples then that effect comes from 7th house in the malefic manner. It can even cause emotional, physical or even verbal abuses in the marriage relationship. If the behavior of the spouse is ill then the other partner will suffer hardship. The action can result to separation and due to this one need to check the Manglik Dosha if you are considering about the marriage. This is how can Kuja Dosha be eliminated and for this you can consider with the horoscope compatibility in between a girl and a boy. The horoscope marriage compatibility will also take into consideration other factors and doshas so that you can enjoy a happy and harmonious marred relationship. 

How you can find Kuja Dosha in your Kundali?

Vedic astrology determines many factors in relation to Kuja Dosha. It is only possible if you book an appointment with an astrologer. The concerned expert is the one who will analyze your birth chart and find out solution accordingly. The astrologer will give you remedies that will actually work best for you and when Kuja Dosha gets cancelled life will be smooth and marriage will be on cards. You will get detailed horoscope result which will impact your life for better. 

It does not depend on Who will have Kuja Dosha but it looks into the factor that how one can nullify the effect of Kuja and here are the following some:

  1. If Mars is in 4th or in the 7th house and there is presence of karma, Mesa, Makara and vrishchika then it will be effective for the native people.
  2. How can I solve Manglik Disha after marriage? The answer is if Dhanu is in 12th house, vrishchika in 4th, maker in 7th and Karkat in 8th then it will nullify the effect of Manglik Dosha.
  3. Makar is the exalt house of Kuja but still Kuja in the Makar will not cause any problem and will give favourable position. 

Remedies of Kuja Dosha

To overcome the ill effect of the Dosha you have to do certain rituals like fast, worship of Pooja, specific deity, visit particular temple. People having Mangalik Dosha is basically advices to marry a person who is suffering from same problem. Then one can balance the negative energies of the Mangal Dosha. Also, they are advised to offer prayer to Lord Hanuman and read Hanuman Chalisa, visit and offer Puja on Tuesday. You can even worship kesariya Ganapati in your Pooja room that will consider as another remedy for you. 

Now the question comes when will it see the low phase in life? It is said that the intensity of manglik dosha after 28 years goes off. But it will be mangle present in the horoscope for the rest of life. It does not like simple in marriage astrology. So, if you are someone who has this Dosha in your birth chart then the astrologer advices you to marry after this particular age. Take the help of mangal dosha calculator and find out the same.  

It also happens to sit in your birth chart because of bad karma of your past life. For this, Hanuman Chalisa chanting is the best remedy. You can also opt the option of fasting on Tuesday and help you lessen the effect of the Dosha. 

Is Aishwarya Rai Manglik?

Yes, she is Manglik and at first, she is married to two trees do that the evil comes off and the influence of Mars reduces. Then she got married to Abhishek Bachchan, the actor. Now many girls or boys who are Mangalik as per their birth chart are very people to blame if anything bad happen in their life. For marriage related issue, the females face many backlashes but this is not the true case. Delay in marriage happens due to this Dosha but it is also curable. It is not the only cause for you to not getting married. There are many other factors which impacts the delay in your marriage.

Nirvana chanting for Kuja Dosha

The individuals with Mangalik doshas must chant Navagraha mantra and it is also known as Mangal mantra. You will chant Gayatri mantra for 108 times in a single day or even read Hanuman Chalisa as a morning prayer. The astrologer will guide you accordingly. Know the manglik girl characteristics and then chant mantras.

Wear gemstones

Many people will wear gemstone if they love. Then you can wear a gold ring with a coral on it. You should make a horoscope chart and get the suggestion from the astrologer. It is one of the Mangal dosha Remedies for you.

Nirvana Pooja

The Mangal Dosha is the most significant one and can cause problem in married life. Get marry to a peepul tree or banana tree before your real marriage with a person, then it says the evil effect of Mars reduces and you can enter into a harmonious married life. If someone is born under the influence of Mars planet then this Dosha appears in birth chart. Hence, this solution will reduce its effect and one can marry and lead a successful life in the future to receive the blessings of the God. It will even low mangal dosha and help you live happy life.

Book an appointment with astrologer

An astrologer is the person who will look into your birth chart and find out Manglik dosha. Then, the expert will assure you with how to remove Manglik dosha of girl. Book an appointment and address your problem so you get the best solution. It will help you overcome the difficulty and finally the person of your life.



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