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What is Kaal Sarp Dosha Know Effects and Removal effects

INTRODUCTION: Astrology is the study of planets, stars, and the movement of other celestial bodies surrounding the sun and moon. Astrology is called pseudoscience which means the study of human affairs and celestial objects according to the movement of planets and stars. It is said that when a child is born there are some stars whose name is given to the child and according to the movement of planets the prediction of the future is made. These predictions sometimes become true but sometimes not. 

  Astrologers say that the movement of the planets is related to the attitude of a child, but science says that there is no relation between the person’s behavior and the movement of the planets. Anyways we don’t have any solid proof that the predictions are wrong but people still believe in them, because these predictions become true in some or another way.

Astrology and astronomy are both interrelated. Whenever a child is born there will be one brighter star, this is due to the rays of the sun. As we all know the planets always move along the circuit of the sun, so when the rotation takes place and the birth of a child is considered as the moving time of planets, For example when the child is born, the timing of the rotation is calculated and accordingly the horoscope is made. 


According to astrology, when all the planets come between Mars and Jupiter(Rahu and Kethu) then the Kaal Sarp dosh came into the birth of the child. In Indian religious books, there is not much information about the Kaal Sarp Yog. People are afraid of this, but life is a continuous process. In this process, there will be many ups and downs, but we should not blame this on the loopholes of your horoscope. 

This cannot be completely removed, but we can reduce its effects by dedicating some time to god. This will help you to flow some positive energy into your body. In Bhagwat Geetha Lord Krishna mentioned Sarp Dosh Yog, he said that every individual’s attitude is measured according to the good and bad deeds or your Karma. 

Every individual is born to accomplish a certain purpose, it depends on people how they accomplish their task. Some accomplish certain good deeds, some people accomplish it according to the bad deeds like ego, anger greed, and other negative deeds, due to this human get the sharp yoni and his life become like a snake, who wander around the world, searching for a house and killing small creatures, without home and family and this stage of his life called Sarp dosh.


It is said that the person whose Kal Sarp dosh is found has to struggle a lot like a snake, in search of prey, like a snake, who has to swallow everything, all the individuals should swallow all the sorrows and fight themselves to achieve something. They have mental stress, and unknown fear and have to face many obstacles in their career and business.

Kaal Sarp Dosh does not give you trouble always but sometimes it will be beneficial if it is taken in a good way, If a person moves ahead with confidence, and hardworking, he or she can break all the struggles and achieve their destination.

The sharp dosh has two stages, one is a very powerful yoga that takes place when all the planets come inside the Rahu and Ketu planets. This powerful Sarp dosh can be reduced if the affected person chants the panchakshari mantra called OM NAMAH SHIVAYA. 

The other stage is not that powerful because this happens when one planet stays out of Rahu-Ketu and if this happens then the sarpa dosha will not be much powerful. For this kind of dosa, you have to pray for the king of snakes also known as Nagaraja, put some milk for them, and clean the surrounding area of the house of snakes. This will reduce the effect of Kaal Sarp Dosh.


Kaal Sarp dosh starts at the birth of the child, it ends after a certain period, like if luckily the position of planets like Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune enters into your horoscope and if you pray to Lord Shiva on Mondays, and chant the panchakshari mantra or other slokas related to Parvathi, and shiva, the effect of Sarp dosh will reduce and it slowly goes away from you, but these are just myths if you do good deeds and don’t kill snake unnecessary for leather this dosha will not come into your life.


The Kaal Sarp dosh differs from person to person. Some persons do not get the fruit of their hard work, some don’t get children for a long time, If the child dies during pregnancy, etc are the effects of sarpa dosha. 

It is said that this all happens if the individual kills the snake by mistake, it is also said that sarp dosh happens if the person has done any wrong deed in their previous life. Kaal Sarp Dosh can be understood by in debt horoscope checking, with an expert person in astrology, also date and time of the birth of the individual should be correct.

Kaal Sarp Yog happens when people see images of the dead person in dreams, it is also said it happens when you see snakes coming and surrounding you in your dreams. If the mentioned things are true then you have the dosha in your horoscope.

To reduce the dosha of the Kaal sarpa Monday will be the auspicious day for them because it is the day of worshiping Lord Shiva during that period will reduce the effect because the Lord has power over Rahu and Kethu, and it is said they don’t come in contact with Lord otherwise they become burnt to ashes.

Mythology says that Lord Shiva Cursed both the planet during the Samudra Manthan for drinking Amruth by stealing, due to which God cursed them that if he sees them next time they will turn into ashes.

Hence, worshiping Shiva will remove the effect of Kaal Sarp Dosha.


The difficulties are all faced by everyone, God doesn’t have any partiality, whether he is a prince or pauper, difficulties and dosas equally affect them but in a different manner and different ways.

A prince can be a pauper and the pauper can be a prince. It all depends on the circulation of time. The dosas are affected by famous personalities also some of them are as follows.

There are many celebrities such as politicians, actors, sportspersons, and business tycoons who also suffered the wrath of Kaal sarp dosha but they cleared all obstacles and achieved their goals without any problems, some of the personalities are Abraham Lincoln, Jawaharlal Nehru, Dr. Radha Krishnan, Emperor Akbar, Ronald Reagan, Sachin Tendulkar, Dheeru Bhai Ambani, and also Samrat Harshvardhan.


There are many impacts of Kaal Sarpa Dosas through which you can understand whether you have such a problem some of them are as follows:

  • Delays at the workplace, if you have many projects undertakings.
  • Continuous facing of losses blocks the progress in the business.
  • You feel irritated and face mental problems.
  • Health issues
  • Misunderstanding between family and friends.
  • You don’t have children after a successful married life.
  • An unhappy marital status.


There are certain slokas and mantras which will reduce the impact of Kala sarpa doshas are as follows:

  • Chanting Panchakshari Mantra daily 108 times.
  • Reciting Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra at least 108 times.
  • Reciting the Beeja mantra of Rahu 108 times.
  • Watering Peepal trees daily.
  • Offering Pooja and prayers for King of Snakes Nagaraja and other snake gods on Sundays.
  • Worshiping Lord Shiva on Mondays and offering bilva leaves, milk, flowers, etc, and donating anything to the poor and needy will be beneficial.
  • The worship of Lord Nataraja is considered as a dancing shiva and performing pooja.
  • Worshiping Lord Krishna and offering eleven coconuts in the river on Saturday.
  • Chanting Kaal Sarp Gayatri Mantra.
  • You should not hurt snakes or any reptiles. Chanting names of nine snake species 21 times.
  • Performing Kala Sarpa Dosha Nirvana Pooja at least once a year.
  • Chanting Vishnu Sahasra Namam
  • Worship Manasa Devi.
  • Worshipping Nagaraja daily by keeping the idol made of silver and keeping it in the Subramanium temple will reduce the consequences of sarpadosas.


The above-mentioned things are generally told to reduce the effect of the Sarpa Doshas, Thesedosas are not cent percent perfect, but just general things. Those who affect by this do all things and life for them is smooth.

In Puranas, it is written that all the negative and positive consequences that will happen during the period are all based on the deeds which we do in our life. To achieve anything you have to struggle yourself. It is easy to get down from the mountain but difficult to climb the mountain.

Hence, do the good deeds gather knowledge, and money and status will come behind you.



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