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Vastu Tips to get rid of Office and Workplace Politics – Indian Guru Ji

In the corporate world, navigating office politics can often feel like walking through a minefield. It’s not just about the work on your desk; it’s about relationships, power dynamics, and maintaining a positive environment. To help you achieve professional success without getting entangled in office politics, we present Vastu tips infused with the expertise of Indian Guru Ji. These transformative insights not only promise to eliminate workplace politics but also enhance efficiency, productivity, and propel your career to new heights.

Mantras for Positive Energy Flow

Indian Guru Ji emphasizes the power of positive energy flow in any space. Begin by chanting the mantra “Aum Gam Ganapataye Namaha” to invoke the blessings of Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles. This will create an auspicious atmosphere in your workplace.

Vastu Tips to Get Rid of Office and Workplace Politics

Indian Guru Ji recommends aligning your desk in the north or east direction to harness positive energies. Create a clutter-free workspace and place a crystal globe on your desk to attract positive vibrations. The mantra “Aum Shrim Hrim Klim Glaum Gam Ganapataye Vara Varada Sarva Janam Me Vashamaanaya Swaha” can further enhance your influence and harmony.

Embracing Indian Guru Ji guidance for harmonious work environments, consider organizing your workspace to deter office politics. Optimal desk placement, such as facing north or east, channels positive energies. A clutter-free environment fosters focus and productivity. Enhance the atmosphere by incorporating a crystal globe on your desk, inviting positive vibrations. Reciting the mantra “Aum Shrim Hrim Klim Glaum Gam Ganapataye Vara Varada Sarva Janam Me Vashamaanaya Swaha” can amplify personal influence and contribute to an atmosphere of collaboration and tranquility.

The Influence of Vastu on Workplace Harmony

Understanding the impact of Vastu on office and workplace dynamics is crucial for promoting a positive and harmonious work environment.

  • Desk Alignment for Positive Energies

Indian Guru Ji recommends aligning your desk in the north or east direction to invite positive energies. This simple adjustment can significantly influence the overall atmosphere of your workspace.

  • Clutter-Free Workspace for Clear Energy Flow

Maintain a clutter-free workspace to ensure a smooth flow of energy. Eliminating unnecessary items not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also promotes a more focused and organized work environment.

  • Enhancing Positive Vibrations with Crystal Globe

Placing a crystal globe on your desk serves as a Vastu remedy to attract positive vibrations. This addition not only contributes to the aesthetics of your workspace but also infuses it with harmonious energy.

  • Mantra for Influence and Harmony

Reciting the mantra “Aum Shrim Hrim Klim Glaum Gam Ganapataye Vara Varada Sarva Janam Me Vashamaanaya Swaha” is recommended by Indian Guru Ji. This mantra is believed to enhance your influence and promote harmony in the workplace.

  • Directional Placement of Important Elements:

Consider the Vastu-friendly placement of essential elements, such as meeting rooms, water sources, and the entrance, to ensure positive energy flow.

  • Use of Colors for Vibrancy:

Incorporate Vastu-approved colors in the office decor to promote a vibrant and energetic atmosphere. Each color is associated with specific energies and can influence the overall mood of the workspace.

  • Balancing Elements:

Maintain a balance of the five elements (earth, water, fire, air, and space) within the office space to ensure a harmonious blend of energies.

  • Plant Placement for Positive Energy:

Strategically place indoor plants to improve air quality and infuse the workspace with positive energy. Certain plants are considered auspicious in Vastu and can contribute to a healthier work environment.

  • Personalized Vastu Consultation:

For tailored solutions, consider consulting with Indian Guru Ji or another Vastu expert to address specific concerns and receive personalized guidance for your office space.

How to Win at Office Politics?

Engage in open communication and foster a collaborative environment. Position your desk in a way that allows you to see the entrance, promoting a sense of control. Utilize the mantra “Aum Vishnave Namaha” to invoke the energy of Lord Vishnu, fostering leadership qualities and strategic thinking.

Tips To Boost Efficiency And Productivity

  • Organize Your Workspace

Indian Guru Ji suggests organizing your workspace according to Vastu principles. Place essential elements like the computer, files, and important documents in the south or west direction. This arrangement can enhance efficiency and streamline your workflow. Chant the mantra “Aum Sarasvatye Namaha” to invoke the goddess of knowledge and wisdom, promoting clarity and focus.

  • Optimize Seating Arrangements

Ensure that your chair is placed against a solid wall for support, and avoid sitting with your back to the entrance. This Vastu arrangement instills a sense of security and control. The mantra “Aum Shreem Mahalakshmiyei Namaha” can attract prosperity and success into your professional life.

  • Vastu Tips for Instant Career Growth

According to Vastu, the north zone is associated with career growth and opportunities. Place a small water fountain or a bamboo plant in the north zone of your office to attract positive energy and enhance your career prospects. The mantra “Aum Shreem Hreem Kleem Shreem Kleem Vitteshvaraya Namaha” can amplify the energy of abundance.

  • Enhance the Energy Flow

Keep the energy flowing freely by avoiding blocked pathways in your office. Use mirrors strategically to reflect positive energy and prevent stagnation. The mantra “Aum Namah Shivaya” can be chanted to bring balance and harmony into the workspace.


Office politics need not be a hindrance to your professional growth. By incorporating Vastu tips into your workplace, you can create an environment that promotes harmony, efficiency, and career success. Indian Guru Ji profound insights, coupled with the transformative power of mantras, serve as a powerful combination to ward off negativity and attract positive energies into your professional life. Implement these tips with dedication, and watch as your workplace transforms into a hub of success, free from the shackles of office politics. For personalized Vastu guidance and mantras tailored to your specific situation, consult Indian Guru Ji for a transformative experience in your professional journey.

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