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Shiva, the Lord of the destroyer, is the most powerful deity. He is the epitome of tranquillity, and seeking blessing from Lord Shiva is the ultimate experience in one’s life. If you are someone who is searching for a job, but there is no good prospect, then pray to Lord Shiva. The job market is tough, and the competitive market makes it even tougher. People try their luck every day, putting in a lot of hard work, but nothing works. If this prevails long, then seeking astrological support is advisable.


Astrologers will study your natal birth chart and determine the planets’ position in your Kundali. The planet’s position plays an important in one’s life. A good planetary position determines you to get the best jobs. But if the positions of Sun and Saturn are not desired in one’s chart, it causes a career hindrance. Astrologers offer you different types of remedies; among them, one is to chant a Powerful mantra for successful job. Mantra is very powerful; it connects your body with your soul. It resonates with yourself. You feel connected with divine power. 


Shiva the God has lots of infinite power, it is a god who is easy to please, but you need a little patience, practice, dedication and a clean soul to achieve the desired result. He has supreme power that makes you feel connected with the entire Universe. It is very cliche to pray to Lord Shiva only for a good life partner, especially a woman. He is beyond this, and you can only week his blessings if you chant the Shiva mantra to get the desired job immediately. 


List of Mantras of Lord Shiva for solving job problems


  1. On Namah Shivaai
  2. DaridyadahanSlokam
  3. Shiv Raksha Stotra
  4. Lingastakam
  5. Vedasara Shiva stotram
  6. Mahamrityunjay mantra
  7. Shiv Gayatri mantra
  8. Shiva Pratahsmaran Stotra


Chanting these above mantras will make you powerful and fearless. Chanting the mantra takes you to the world beyond the materialistic world. It even takes away the malefic planet’s problems like from Rahu and Ketu. Chanting mantras with devotion 108 times, you will witness the magical power and effect. You will get a job, and you will get success. You can fulfil all your dreams and see the change for good. 


Astrological remedies to do better in career


  1. As soon you wake up, look into both palms because there is a belief that Goddess Lakshmi resides in one’s palms.
  2. Saturn rules the profession in astrology. It would help if you offered boiled rice to cows, and cows represent Saturn. 
  3. Take a copper vessel, add jaggery, and then offer it to Sun God in the morning.
  4. Chant Gayatri mantra and Mahamrityunjay mantra 31 times. 


Mahamrityunjay Mantra- “Om trayambaksm, yajamahesugandhimpustivardhanam, urvarukamivabandhanan martyrology moksha mamrtat”. 

Gayatri Mantra- “Om Bhur Bhuva swah, tat savitursarveyam, BhargoDevasya adhere ahi, Dhiyoyo Nah pracodayaat”.

Daaridryadahanastotram- Vashisthen kirtan stotramsarvarognivaranam, sarvasamparkaranshighranputrapautradivardhanam.


Lord Shiva has incredible power. Chanting his mantra for jobs and good career success will do the ultimate magic in your life. You must always seek the blessings of the Lord. 


The process of chanting the Shiva mantra to get a job


  • The first step- clean the mind, and there should be no negative thoughts.
  • The second step is surrendering to Lord Shiva because you need to please them.
  • The third step- chanting begins, and you should chant every day without missing any single day. 


You must have faith and completely surrender to Lord Shiva. Without a doubt, failing to chant the mantra will give you a positive result. It will give you money and whatever job you perform you must wish for the same to fulfill. Hence, it is their belief in you that gives you direction. These mantras and chanting is nothing but the energies that will lead you in a positive direction. Having a clear vision in one’s life and chanting a mantra dedicated to Lord Shiva will give you direction and a clear mind and focus on your career. 


How can I please Lord Shiva and get a job?


On Mondays, take an early bath and then offer milk, honey and be parts to Lord Shiva. It is believed that Lord Shiva becomes impressed and removes the hurdles related to jobs and business. It is the most desired method to please Lord Shiva. While offering to Lord Shiva, chant “Om Namah Shivay” after a few weeks, you can see the positive change in you. It is something in which one must show dedication and hard work. 


Career advice with the help of astrology


Astrology is a science practice, and if you witness your career not growing, you are losing your job, or you are not competitive in the current job market, then you must come for astrological support. The astrologer is an expert who knows about the planets and their position and understands what is wrong and right. Accordingly, they will suggest Powerful Shiva mantras for getting a job. Hence, you must follow all the advice’s of the astrologer with dedication and chant the mantra without fail. It acts as a direction if you are serious and want some change in your career. You must follow all the guidelines asked by your astrologer. It is a practice that will create positive energy around you and motivate you toward your career goal. 


The career does not define men and women. Hence, if you want current growth in your existing company, seeking advice and help from an astrologer is the best decision you can ever make. Apart from the Shiva Gayatri mantra, you can practice other remedies as directed in the astrologer’s words, which will give you the confidence to think afresh and bring a good change in your career prospect. It helps you find a new direction in your job, and hence you can improve your career for the better good in your life. 


  1. Please Lord Saturn


Saturn is a fiery planet, but if this planet is pleased, it is the God of kindness and mercy. Visit Shanti temple on Saturday, and offer oil to Shane God in the temple.


  1. Gratitude towards Lord Lakshmi


Lakshmi is the ruler of wealth and fortune. Clean the house tidy, wake up and look into your palms to watch the destiny of one’s life. 


  1. Please Sun God


Show sun the respect it needs with your dedication and devotion. You will get the job you desire if you show respect and dedication. Offer Ganga Hal to the Lord sun during sunrise and chant the mantra “Om green suryaaye Namah.”


  1. Sleek blessings from Lord Ganesha


Ganesha blesses you with wealth and fame, i.e. Ridhi and Sidhi, respectively. You must show dedication as a wonderful memory, and you will get the job easily. 


  1. Gratitude toward Lord Hanuman


He is the God to remove evil’s eyes from you. Visit Hanuman temple every Tuesday. He keeps you safe from all the wrongdoers in society, and you can get the dream career that you deserve to be in the same. It makes you feel confident about yourself. 


  1. Do Havan charity work


Doing a Havan puja, I’ll calm all the negative planets, and you can seek their blessings for the better good. It makes you feel confident, allowing you to live by and get the career you dream for. To poor people, donate almonds every Sunday, and donate blankets during winters. 


  1. Check Vaastu


If you have a home in the office or in general, always check the Vaastu of the house. Sometimes, you cannot achieve the desired success due to the wrong Vaastu. The North and northeast corner is lucky for a career. Therefore, you have to think from that prospect. 




You can chant the Shiva mantra for money, but ultimately it depends on your hard work and dedication. Astrology cannot change your entire reality. It is only a push to bring positivity to you. Therefore, it is the time for you to imbibe that positive in you and get the result you want in your career. It is something that should make you feel good about yourself. Therefore, do not take a risk with your career. If you are facing any issue, it is time for you to take astrology help, but it does not get disheartened. 


Life is tough at times that does not mean you will stop fighting or facing the struggle. Facing career struggles makes you stronger and gives you the power to learn from your career mistakes and become wiser. Therefore, you should never stop doing hard work; look for opportunities where you can improve your career, like doing any advanced skills. It helps you feel strong and make a good shift in your career. Also, chant Lord Shiva’s name and follow astrological remedies and the shiv mantra to get that extra little push to bring a new meaning to your professional life. 



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