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Mantra for love marriage problems – Indian Vashikaran Guru

Love Marriages are very common in today’s time but when time passes many problems occur in the love marriage which gets end at divorce. Divorce was not the only solution for love marriage. Every problem has a solution and so marriages also have their own solution of all the problems.

Mantra for love marriage problems

If there were any problems or issue in between the love marriage then first both the partners should sit and try to solve the issue with talk. If they don’t talk about the issue or don’t discuss their problems then it will not get sort easily. No problem in life will sort without talking to each other. So, both the partners have to give time to each other and should discuss the problems with each other and try to resolve it as soon as possible without knowing the others.

Love Marriage problems tips

Married couples fight easily but their ego comes in between to resolve the fight. They don’t want to talk and their distance creates misunderstanding in between them. Couples had to solve their issues. They have to keep in mind these tips –

  1. Both the partners should never share their problems to any other person because the other person will always create more problems in between the couples.
  2. Both the couples should talk to each other without any ego to make their relationship good.
  3. They don’t have to forget of doing respect of each other during the fight.
  4. They should control each other for not saying anything bad that hurts a lot after the fight.
  5. They should give time to each other to solve their problems and they have to make their relationship first priority.

Top marriage problems and solutions

The commonly problems which occurred in married life are –

  1. The most common problems of married couples are communication gap. They get so much busy in their lifestyle that they can’t give enough time to each other. So, both the partners should have to give time to each other in which they spend some good moments.
  2. Many couples don’t satisfy with their partners in sexual needs so they start doing affairs after marriage but affair was not the solution of any problem. Partners should discuss about this problem and try to resolve this instead of getting affair.
  3. Some couples make their work the first priority instead of giving time to each other. Make sure that your partner and love was your first priority not your work.
  4. Some couples have different types of lifestyles in which one partner wants to live a luxurious life and the other one wants a simple life which creates an issue in between the couples. So, you have to sit and discuss with each other and try to understand each other’s lifestyle without having any argument.
  5. Many couples feel jealous with the colleagues or friends of their partner. The jealousy can ruin the marriage easily because this jealousy has no solution. So, never doubt on your partner and give your full trust and support to them.

Marriage problems and solutions

There are many problems in married life but people think that those problems don’t have any solutions. There were solutions of every problem in life. The problems which occur in between the couples have the solution. You can look out the pdf on our website of commonly occurring problems occurred in married life with their solutions which help you to solve the issue in your married life.

Top 3 marriage problems

There are many problems in the married life but the three main problems in every married life are –

  1. The one partner cheat the other partner because the other partner doesn’t satisfy the sexual needs of the partner or the partner gets attracted to someone else and start doing affair. This was the very common problem in every married life.
  2. They have misunderstanding in between each other due to the communication gap because they don’t give time to each other and always get busy in their work. They forget their relation and every time get busy in their work.
  3. The partner feel jealous with the other partner’s friends or colleagues. They thought that they have affair in between them but every time this doesn’t happen. You should trust your partner and if you think about such things then you should talk to your partner once.

Love marriage problem solution free

If you have problems in your love life then you should consult with some astrologer or some marriage counsellor who counsel you about your married life and bring the love back in your life with more trust and confidence. So, you can consult to the marriage counsellor to save your marriage and should all your problems to them.

Marriage problems and solutions in Islam

In Islam also, the marriage problems are also common. Some of the problems are –

  1. There was a problem in the communication. You should always talk to your partner with kindly and affection. You don’t get angry on small little things. Always try to understand the partner first.
  2. Don’t ever make any family member, in-laws or friends to interfere in between your relationship because the third person always ruin your loved life and creates more misunderstanding.
  3. Don’t get angry with your partner in sexual intimacy because one should always try to satisfy the partner in sexual needs.

What are the tips to solve relationship problems?

The tips for solving the relationship problems are –

  1. Always try to communicate with your partner because communication gap creates a lot of problems in between you.
  2. Don’t try to cheat your partner because it hurts you and your partner at the end.
  3. Always trust on your partner instead of getting jealous and doubting him/her.
  4. They should give priority to each other and their relationship first.

Worst marriage problems

The worst marriage problems are when the partners don’t satisfy each other’s sexual needs and there will be lots of communication gap between them which creates huge misunderstanding in them. So, always try to understand your partner.

How to convince parents for love marriage in different caste?

The convincing your parents for love marriage was a difficult task especially in different caste. You should sit and talk to your parents about this instead of getting angry or taking some wrong step or misbehaving with parents. You should talk politely and make them understand about your partner and try to convince them. They easily get convinced when you tell them with love and respect.

Indian law for love marriage against parents

If your parents are against your love marriage then according to the Indian law you can marry with the partner of your choice. If your parents are not convinced then you can get married in the court but before taking this step first you should try to understand the perspective of your parents and then take any decision.

Letter to convince parents for love marriage

You can also write the letter to convince your parents for your love marriage. If you don’t have courage to talk to your parents then you can write the letter and tell everything to them about your partner and what you want from them and your partner. Don’t try to hurt your parents.

My parents are not accepting my love

If your parents are not accepting your love then try to convince them by giving examples or try to convince them with calm. You should tell everything about your partner to your parents so that they can easily understand about your love and your partner. Don’t try to misbehave with your parents if they are not accepting your love. Always be kind and try other ways of convincing them. Don’t lose hope until the end.

How to convince girl parents for love marriage?

If you want to convince the parents of girl then you should talk with them nicely and in a well-behaved manner. You should talk politely and make them understand about your love to their daughter. Don’t try to misbehave or get rude with her parents because its very difficult for a girl to choose one in between you and her parents if situation gets worst.

Love marriage with parent’s permission quotes

There are many quotes for love marriage with parent’s permission such as –

  1. Marrying your partner with parents’ permission is such a blessing.
  2. Love Marriage with parent’s support is a real happiness.
  3. Love Marriage with the parent’s love is such a blessing.

Affirmations to convince parents for love marriage

You should convince your parents with full courage and confidence. Always tell your parents about your whole loved life and about your partner. Don’t lose respect and hope towards your parents. Always try to make understand your parents about your feelings and affection towards your partner. The love marriage with your parents support was such a happiness and blessing.



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