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Learn here How to Find Life Partner According to Astrology

Where will I meet my life partner astrology?One fine day when you are out at work suddenly you meet someone both eyes meet and love at first sight happens. This is how you meet with your dream partner. Does not it sound dreamy and fantasy to you? This looks so dreamy but at times finding the right person is really tough and hard. So going through the astrological method is the best solution. It is an age-old technique that will help you find your soulmate. Knowing and finding through marriage horoscope helps you in a great way to find the person who is right for you. 


How to Find Life Partner According to Astrology?


If you are someone who do not believe in astrology and how it can help you to find the right partner, just see the magic and you will be amazed. Astrology is a prediction tool that works on the mathematical calculations of the interdependent Universe. It is a real connection and every one of us are connected with celestial bodies that will have profound impact in the life of people. 


Birth horoscope is the thing which determines the planetary positions in your birth chart and the astrologer will decide each planets effect in your horoscope. The person is an expert who can foresee about your life through the horoscope match and it can even predict about the life partner. To see the exact result or calculation, they have to analyze marriage horoscope. 


Marriage horoscope


Who will be your life partner? With whom you will spend the rest of your life? How can I predict my life partner?Will you have arranged marriage or love marriage? Where will you meet with your life partner? These are the questions that can give you goosebumps. Marriage horoscope is the thing that will put all your curiosity into rest. When love couples want to get married, then astrologer match the kundalis of both the person. Depending on the various stars you will determine the compatibility.Which planet is responsible for life partner?Well, Kundalis matching is a part of marriage horoscope where you can take up this project and start your journey as couples. 


Doing the marriage horoscope thing from an astrologer will also help you know about the person- behavioral patterns, physical traits and their basic human nature. Understanding the characteristic of the person will help you know about your dream partner and how you can continue the journey with the person. 


Signs of life partner


According to Vedic astrology, every planetary movement will have a strong impact in our journey. An expert in astrology will correctly forecast- which age for you is right to marry, what will be the first letter of your partner’s name, how will be the person whom you choose through love. There are certain planets who have direct influence of the romantic relationship between you and your partner. 


Venus- Venus is the overall planet of beauty, love, expression and art. If you have the feeling of love, then it grows with Venus. If the Venus position is in right direction, then it creates a strong position in your horoscope. Astrologers mention that your love and marriage life will be fruitful and even harmonious. 


Ascendants- it has an important role in your marital horoscope. Well, Ascendants will have an interpersonal relationship. It means that it will identify the core characteristics of the person. Will the person be shy, talkative, introvert? You can even check the chemistry through Ascendants. 


Nodes of the Moon- it is an essential consideration in the Kundali matching and the axis will depict the previous life connection. It will create bond in between the two people. Also, it will help you find the real soul mate and the connection with the same person. 


Vertex- how will you know that you both are related with each other? Vertex is always a less known point. It will act as a perfect coordination that you can create with descendant. When the two charts will show the strong introspects that comes with Vertex then this is a match that is perfectly made in heaven. 


Sun and Moon placement- in a Kundali, one partner’s Sun will aspect another’s Moon and it will depict the natural affection. Both of them support each other and it will help them lead a meaningful life. The actions and the energy will always compliment with each other. 


Uranus, Pluto, Neptune (the trio connections) – these three planets will rule the marital life. When these trios are in the position of synastry in the horoscope of both people then it creates a powerful transformation where there is a strong connection with one another. Such power couple, motivates and even boosts each other all through the life. 


Rahu placement- if the Rahu position is great, then you can read the mind of another person in a perfect way. It will ensure that the Rahu position will improve the analytical skills of the couple. Rahu always depict the sudden change and if the Venus has strong bonding with Rahu and both have favourable position then there is a perfect chance of love marriage. Even that person is practical and jolly by nature.


Finding partner through date of birth


Date of birth brings the concept of horoscope. It is a kind of manifesto that will indicate and even indicates the decision that will relate to the person’s life as you grow. Before you dive into the marriage concept, you have to know that whether the boy or girl that you choose is compatible with you or not. Compatibility does not come with beauty, physical appearance, money, staying with man’s family. Compatibility comes with understanding each other, respect the individuality of the other person, match and little adjustment with one’s desire, wish, constant support in progressive mentality. Loyalty and character are another factor in compatibility in the marriage. This is how do I find my soulmate astrology.


Hence, the astrologer will study both of your birth charts and then will come up with solutions that help you achieve compatibility if there is missing some. Married life has strong impact in career life as well. If you are having delayed marriage then this mantra below works magical. It will reduce the delay in your marriage and you will get blessings of God.


|| Katyayani MahamayeMahayoginyadheeshwari 

NandgopsutamDevipatim Me Kuru teNamah  ||


The power of 7th house and What is 7th house astrology?


The 7th house of each birth chart is the house of marriage, relationship, and spouse. If the placement of Rahu or other planets is benefice, then it will bring harmonious relationship in your marriage. But if the position of planet in malefic then it can cause trouble. Therefore, it is advisable that you check your and your partner’s marriage horoscope and then if there is any dis balance then you can modify with remedies. It will ensure that astrological remedies are useful and thereby creates a good impact in your married life. You can also go to the astrology website and get who is my life partner by date of birth free service.


Knowing one’s family background, character, job security, thoughts about life is very important to be in a married relationship. You will feel happy and there will no issues in your married life. There is no good or bad in a married life, in marriage if you have to become one soul with two bodies then you have to work on your marriage with full faith, loyalty and respect for each other. Then, the journey of your married life will be happy. Does luck change after marriage? Yes, 100% and to make marriage life better one has to work on the same.


There is my life partner name calculator online where you can put some basic information and get the name of the life partner.


Finding an astrologer


If you are in love with someone or you finally found the match of a boy or girl with whom you want to spend rest of life, then checking your love and marriage compatibility is must. It will help you decide whether the person is right for you or not. An astrologer will match and check the planetary positions of both charts and then come up with conclusion to know whether both people can marry and live a harmonious married life thereafter or not. It is a great feeling for you. 


Taking help from an astrologer is a great feeling and you can know husband prediction by date of birth. They offer mathematical calculations, check the planetary positions and other details to find out what troubles you in a marriage and accordingly give you the solution that you can dream and apply in your day-to-day life so you meet with your soulmate and enjoy marital harmony for the rest of your life. Now if you have doubt on how I want to know my future husband through astrology,then you can an expert help.



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