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What is Bhakut Dosh How to Remove Bhakut Dosh

Astrology is the study of planets, stars, and the movement of other celestial bodies surrounding the sun and moon. Astrology is called pseudoscience which means the study of human affairs and celestial objects according to the movement of planets and stars. It is said that when a child is born there are some stars whose name is given to the child and according to the movement of planets the prediction of the future is made. These predictions sometimes become true but sometimes not. 


Marriage is a very auspicious event in the life of the person. Marriage is the most important factor in Hindu marriages. This Bhakut Dosh is seen especially during marriages. Indian marriages have some ancestral methods of matchmaking. In India, marriages are said to be done for seven generations. 

  • It is a moon sign which is a combination of 8 Milan sutras.
  • if all the sutras match then it is considered the best pair.
  • Astrologers have a Bhakut Guna table, Guna means qualities of the bride and groom.
  • Gunas are the mutual understanding between the couples.
  • Bhakut Guna is the most weighted guna containing thirty-six qualities of the individuals.
  • If out of 36 guns some will not be matched including bhakush dosh.


It is questionable that if the marriages are love marriages and the horoscope does not match at all then what will happen? Yes, some marriages are not done using horoscopes, and their life is smooth and nice. Relationships are based on the mutual understanding of love, affection, and care. Every individual has pros and cons one person should understand the other in this way the love relation will prosper.




Bhakoot means the moon sign, it means calculating the distance between two moon signs of both parties. The Bhakoot is the second most powerful and most important guna in the couple’s marriages, it is used to check the compatibility of both the parties.


According to Indian Astrology, there are seven guns, each guna plays a very important role in the life of individuals and couples. It is to live a happy and prosperous life. Bhakoot carries a weightage of seven Gunas, thirty-six guns taken into consideration while finding a good match for marriages.


There is a misunderstanding in the astrology which states that the misconception in marriages is due to dosas like, Mangliknaadi or bhakoot leads to problems in the family life and many other bad things taken place, but there are marriages which lead to divorce even after the good horoscope match. Marriage is nothing but a mutual understanding between the two parties, some can easily adjust to a new family but some do not, it all depends on the thinking of human mentality. In astrology there are seven guns; the bhakoot is the second one among the seven guns. If the couple’s guns are matching 6-7 then they have a good match but if the match is 7 -2 then they have bhakut dosh in the horoscope. If the 36 Gunas match then they are filled with prosperity and good health and they have good bonding. 


Anyways there are many provisions in Vedic astrology to avoid doshas which will remove the negative effects of making it perfectly alright to marry a person. Marriage is the bond between two individuals and family that will move ahead only by mutual understanding, love, and affection. 

भकूट दोष से बचने के उपाय ( Remedies to avoid Bhakoot Dosh )

  1. वर-वधू दोनों के लिए महामृत्युंजय का जाप करवायें एवं गाय का दान करें ।
  2. गुरुवार का व्रत रखें।
  3. प्रतिदिन केले के वृक्ष पर हल्दी डालकर जल चढ़ाएं।
  4. रोज क्वार्ट्ज स्टोन का पावर ग्रिड बनवा कर उसके नीचे फोटो रखें।


If the bhakoot dosh is not solved, then it can cause many side effects in the lives of the bride and groom. It can cause some serious illnesses and accidents will affect either partner is a possibility. The bond between the two parties may affect them physically and mentally. No offspring is formed if bhakoot dosh exists, if it is born then he or she will be weak and ill. 


Bhakoot dosha is different for many persons, it has many types and it will affect the lives of everyone. Bhakoot dosha leads to money-related problems, restlessness and mental tension also is another cause of the agitation. 


If this dosha persists then it leads to separation and leads to divorce, this dosha depends on many factors for example if the ruling planet of both parties’ zodiac is the same then the dosh will stand canceled, In other combinations, the effect of a dosha will be reduced and effects are completely removed from the life of the bride and groom. 




Every individual wants to live a happy and prosperous life with an understanding partner, who can show the right path at the right time. If there is a presence of bhakut dosh life becomes tough and impossible to achieve. The effects of this dosha are very critical, we have to eliminate its ill effects, it is a very keen dosha, and when it will affect you or your family cannot be predicted. So you should check before doing anything.


According to astrology, we cannot eliminate bhakoot dosha from our Kundli. We can adopt several measures provided by expert astrologers who will explain to you the measures to be taken to reduce the ill effects on the life of an individual. With the continuous following of the remedies, it will slowly reduce the effect of bhakoot dosha. After that, there will not be major problems in the life of the couples and they can overcome them easily. 


There are many ways to perform pooja’s to reduce the effect of bhakoot dosha. This should be done under the guidance of a knowledgeable astronomer, who is true to their profession. Many yantra’s are used for this purpose. 


It has certain gemstones to be worn according to the Vedic astrologer. Chanting the suitable mantras only will reduce the effects but if any of the mantras or gemstones go wrong then it will cause negative and the dose will increase simultaneously.


Chanting suitable mantras will be a tremendous help for you. This will make your energy flow perfect and make your mind filled with calmness and a positive energy flow in your life and you will become dedicated to achieving something in your life.

भकूट दोष और निवारण के उपाय ( Bhakoot Dosha and remedies )

  1. भकूट दोष की प्रचलित धारणा के अनुसार षड़-अष्टक भकूट दोष होने से वर-वधू में से एक की मृत्यु हो जाती है, नवम-पंचम भकूट दोष होने से दोनों को संतान पैदा करने में मुश्किल होती है या फिर सतान होती ही नहीं तथा द्वादश-दो भकूट दोष होने से वर-वधू को दरिद्रता का सामना करना पड़ता है।
  2. यदि वर-वधू दोनों की जन्म कुंडलियों में चन्द्र राशियों का स्वामी एक ही ग्रह हो तो भकूट दोष खत्म हो जाता है। जैसे कि मेष-वृश्चिक तथा वृष-तुला राशियों के एक दूसरे से छठे-आठवें स्थान पर होने के बावजूद भी भकूट दोष नहीं बनता क्योंकि मेष-वृश्चिक दोनों राशियों के स्वामी मंगल हैं तथा वृष-तुला दोनों राशियों के स्वामी शुक्र हैं। इसी प्रकार मकर-कुंभ राशियों के एक दूसरे से 12-2 स्थानों पर होने के बावजूद भी भकूट दोष नहीं बनता क्योंकि इन दोनों राशियों के स्वामी शनि हैं।
  3. यदि वर-वधू दोनों की जन्म कुंडलियों में चन्द्र राशियों के स्वामी आपस में मित्र हैं तो भी भकूट दोष खत्म हो जाता है जैसे कि मीन-मेष तथा मेष-धनु में भकूट दोष नहीं बनता क्योंकि इन दोनों ही उदाहरणों में राशियों के स्वामी गुरू तथा मंगल हैं जो कि आपसे में मित्र माने जाते हैं।
  4. इसके अतिरिक्त अगर दोनो कुंडलियों में नाड़ी दोष न बनता हो, तो भकूट दोष के बनने के बावजूद भी इसका असर कम माना जाता है।



According to astrology, it is said that Bhakoot controls the mind. During the matchmaking ceremony, both brides’ and groom’s horoscopes are taken for verification. It is said that marriages are decided in heaven, and it is somewhat true. 


If a boy or girl is born his or her match is already born, just needs to find it, for the perfect match the Bhakoot dosha is verified, in which the compatibility of bride and grooms are checked, this is done to achieve longevity and mutual understanding between the couples.


If Bhakoot dosha’s are not there then there will not be longevity and long life only you have to face problems, and other problems. It will affect the marriage life of the couples, but if their life is going smoothly then you can say they don’t have bhakut dosh.


Moon is the star that is considered during marriages because the moon is a symbol of power on taste, temperament, and other factors. Moon is the symbol of love, calmness, and mutual understanding. You should consider all the factors.


During the verification, eight points are to be considered namely spirituality, attraction, mental compatibility, sexual compatibility, the relation between the Rashi lords, mindset, birth-date, and a connection which is also called Naadi all are considered. If the bhakoot dosha exists out of 3 dosas then compatibility will not be there.


Hence, some points are believable in our horoscope, some are not, we should understand them and do all the measures to protect our future world.




The above-mentioned things are generally told to reduce the effect of the Bhakut dosa’s. These dosa’s are not cent percent perfect, but just general things. Those who are affected by this do all things and life for them becomes smooth.


Marriage is also a type of relationship in which we always face consequences, but it all depends on the understanding of both the parties because two people have their demands and interests, and both came from different family backgrounds, so they have separate views on a particular subject. 


Some misunderstandings lead to problems and it will lead to divorce and other consequences in life.

In Puranas, it is written that all the negative and positive consequences that will happen during the period are all based on the deeds which we do in our life. To achieve anything you have to struggle yourself. It is easy to get down from the mountain but difficult to climb the mountain.


Hence, do the good deeds gather knowledge, and money and status will come behind you. Every individual is born to accomplish a certain purpose, it depends on people how they accomplish their task. This cannot be completely removed, but we can reduce its effects by dedicating some time to god. This will help you to flow some positive energy into your body.



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