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How to Find Solution of Divorce Problem by Astrology – Indian Guru Ji

Navigating the complexities of relationships can sometimes lead to the unfortunate reality of divorce. However, astrology offers profound insights into the underlying planetary influences that may contribute to marital discord. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the astrological realm to understand the causes of divorce and unveil potent remedies with the expertise of renowned astrologer Indian Guru Ji.

Mantras for Harmonizing Relationships

Indian Guru Ji emphasizes the power of ancient mantras to align celestial energies and promote harmony within relationships. These mantras serve as potent tools for mitigating the adverse effects of planetary influences and fostering marital bliss.

How to Check Divorce in Astrology

Astrology provides a comprehensive framework for assessing the potential for divorce in a birth chart. By analyzing the positions of specific planets and their relationships, astrologers can discern the likelihood of marital discord. The mantra “Om Aim Hreem Kleem Chamundaye Vichche” invokes the blessings of the divine feminine energy to safeguard relationships from the threat of separation.

  1. Planetary Positions: Astrologers examine the placement of key planets such as Venus, Mars, and Saturn in the birth chart, as they play significant roles in marital harmony. Negative aspects or placements of these planets may indicate potential challenges in the marital relationship.
  2. Seventh House Analysis: The seventh house in the birth chart represents marriage and partnerships. Astrologers scrutinize the condition of this house, including any planetary influences or afflictions, to assess the strength and longevity of the marital bond.
  3. Navamsa Chart Examination: The Navamsa chart, also known as the chart of marriage, provides insights into the quality of the marital relationship. Astrologers analyze the Navamsa chart alongside the birth chart to gain a deeper understanding of the potential for divorce or separation.
  4. Dasha and Transits: Timing is crucial in astrology, and astrologers consider planetary periods (dashas) and transit movements to assess periods of heightened risk for divorce. Malefic influences during specific dasha periods or transit alignments may indicate marital upheaval.
  5. Compatibility Analysis: In addition to individual birth charts, astrologers analyze the compatibility between partners’ charts to evaluate the strength of the marital bond. Misalignments or challenging aspects between partners’ charts may contribute to marital discord and increase the likelihood of divorce.
  6. Remedial Measures: Astrology offers remedies and solutions to mitigate the risk of divorce and strengthen the marital relationship. Mantras, prayers, gemstone recommendations, and ritualistic practices can be prescribed to invoke positive energies and harmonize marital dynamics.
  7. Psychological Insights: Astrology delves into psychological patterns and tendencies that may influence marital dynamics. By understanding the psychological profiles of individuals within the relationship, astrologers can offer insights into potential areas of conflict and strategies for resolution.
  8. Communication and Counseling: Effective communication and counseling are essential in navigating marital challenges identified through astrology. Astrologers provide guidance and support to couples, facilitating open dialogue and helping them address underlying issues constructively.
  9. Mutual Respect and Understanding: Astrology underscores the importance of mutual respect, understanding, and compromise in maintaining a harmonious marital relationship. Couples are encouraged to cultivate empathy and compassion towards each other’s needs and perspectives to strengthen their bond and prevent divorce.
  10. Continuous Evaluation and Adjustment: Marriage is a dynamic journey, and astrology encourages couples to continuously evaluate and adjust their relationship dynamics. Regular consultations with astrologers can help couples navigate challenges proactively and nurture a resilient and enduring marital bond.

Which Graha Is Responsible for Divorce

In Vedic astrology, various planetary combinations can indicate the propensity for divorce. Malefic influences from Mars, Saturn, Rahu, or Ketu in the seventh house or their afflictions to the significator of marriage, Venus, may contribute to marital discord. The mantra “Om Shri Ganeshaya Namaha” invokes the blessings of Lord Ganesha to remove obstacles and restore marital harmony.

What Are the Astrological Remedies for Divorce

Astrology offers a plethora of remedies to mitigate the adverse effects of planetary influences and prevent divorce. Propitiating the ruling deities associated with marriage, such as Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, through rituals and prayers can invoke their blessings for a blissful union. Additionally, wearing gemstones corresponding to beneficial planets or performing specific astrological remedies prescribed by Indian Guru Ji can alleviate marital tensions and foster reconciliation.

Can You Predict Divorce in Astrology

While astrology provides valuable insights into the potential for divorce, it’s essential to approach predictions with caution and sensitivity. Astrological assessments should be complemented by counseling and communication within the relationship. The mantra “Om Shanti Shanti Shanti” invokes peace and tranquility to facilitate constructive dialogue and mutual understanding between partners.

  • In addition to astrology, seeking counseling and engaging in open communication are vital components of navigating relationship challenges and preventing divorce. Counseling sessions can provide couples with valuable tools and strategies for improving communication, resolving conflicts, and strengthening their bond. By fostering a supportive and understanding environment, couples can address underlying issues constructively and work towards a healthier, more fulfilling relationship.
  • The mantra “Om Shanti Shanti Shanti” holds profound significance in invoking peace and tranquility, both within oneself and in interpersonal relationships. By chanting this mantra with sincerity and intention, individuals can create a sense of harmony and balance within their hearts and minds. In the context of a relationship, chanting this mantra together can promote a peaceful atmosphere and facilitate constructive dialogue between partners. It serves as a reminder to approach conflicts with compassion and understanding, fostering mutual respect and empathy in the face of challenges.

Which Planet Is Responsible for Separation

Saturn, known as the planet of karma and discipline, plays a significant role in determining the longevity of relationships. Its adverse aspects or placements in the seventh house can signify delays, challenges, or separations in marriage. However, with the guidance of Indian Guru Ji and the application of appropriate astrological remedies, the malefic influence of Saturn can be mitigated, paving the way for a harmonious union.


Astrology serves as a profound tool for understanding the underlying dynamics of relationships and navigating the challenges that may arise, including the prospect of divorce. With the expert guidance of Indian Guru Ji and the application of astrological remedies, couples can transcend planetary influences and cultivate enduring love and commitment. By harnessing the transformative power of mantras and aligning with the divine energies, couples can embark on a journey toward marital harmony and fulfillment.

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