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Astrology is the scientific study of the planets. The planets move affect the persons personality and life of the peoples. The zodiac symbols talk about more than the persons own knowledge.

Zodiac symbol represent the personality, career, marriage life, and business success, life failure, success as well as future of the person. All above things decided by the 9 moving planets and 27 nakshatras.

A specialist astrologer knows about all 27 nakshatras and 9 planets condition. Your future is decided by the position of the planets and nakshatras. They can give you a lot of health and wealth or they can make you beggar from king and king from a beggar. All nakshatras represent a unique position in sky.

Marriage is a beautiful bond between two persons. It is not bound only husband and wife. With a couple it also binds the whole families and relatives it provides emotionally support and attachment. After a marriage you present yourself into society like a responsible and mature. Marriage brings two unknow peoples close mentally and emotionally. But in modern era peoples think marriage is just a bond of two peoples nothing else.

Peoples in modern life feel stressed. People have now started considering marriage as a burden because they are not able to understand each other. There can be many reasons for this, such as the second relationship and sometimes lack of understanding. People are cheating on each other because they are not happy with this relationship.They quarrel with each other every day, beat them to death. Some people fight for dowry, some people needlessly. Due to all this, the matter increases so much that it comes to the point of divorce.

But if you look at it from the point of view of astrology, then you will come to know that every time the fault is not yours, it is all the fault of your planets and constellations. which are doing everything to you due to being in the wrong place in your horoscope or all this is happening with you.

Here some simple advice for how to avoid divorce. First of all, you should meet an astrologer and show your horoscope. Because your horoscope knows more about you than you. a good astrologer tells you all about your problems and their solution after seeing your horoscope.

  1. Tips for preventing divorce:

  • Spend time with your partner.
  • make them feel better and tell them what they are in your life.
  • Make your partner your first priority
  • Appreciate them and ask for forgiveness for the mistakes that you did inadvertently.
  • Take care of his likes and dislikes and give gifts occasionally.
  • Try not to hurt any of his/her feelings
  • sometimes help them in their work
  • Take care of their health and inquire about their health
  • If they make any mistake then explain with love don’t get angry and shout because that is a human like you
  • Solve your misunderstandings by sitting together and try not to trap any third leg.
  • Talk to each other and make the conversation stronger
  • Both of you should talk openly about your problem so that there is understanding between you.
  • After marriage, you should be each other’s partner, be it sorrow or happiness, all should be shared with each other and not hidden, this will strengthen your relationship.
  1. Ways to strengthen a marriage and avoid divorce:

Everyone is troubled in their married life due to some reason or the other.Most of the couples fight due to lack of communication and mutual understanding.At the same time, some couples complain among themselves that they do not fulfil their promises and always make excuses. So, we give here some tricks to make your marriage life happy. It is the ways to save your failing marriage life.

  • Trust: Trust is the foundation of any relationship, whether it is marriage or friendship, that is why always keep trust in your partner.If there is ever a mistake, then without making your own reasoning, talk directly to your partner about it and do not think about anything directly because incomplete information always gives harm, it will only create misunderstandings.

If there is any mistake, instead of hiding it from your life partner, tell him/her, it will increase trust in each other and your relationship will be strong.

  • Communication: If ever there is a dispute between you about something, then always keep the path of conversation open because all the paths of reconciliation are closed due to the closure of the conversation and negative thoughts start coming.

Never think that first he/ she talks or he/ she does. Think about your relationship and put aside your ego and talk.Always sit and talk to your partner before going to office and after coming, tell them how your day went today and also ask them how was their day. It will make a bond of care and love.

  • Commitment: Promises should always be made with care. Never make unnecessary promises in front of your relationship by being emotional because when they are not fulfilled then your partner will be hurt and you will lose your trust.

By keeping all these things in mind, you can live happily by making your married life happy and reliable.

  1. How to avoid divorce basic tips

As stated earlier, if divorce is going to be in your life. Then it’s not completely your mistake for this presence of same bad planets in your Horoscope is also responsible for this.  Some tricks are being told here, due to which the effect of the presence of a bad planet in your horoscope will work and all this is also beneficial to a great extent.

  • First see your horoscope to an astrologer and try to find out about reason behind your divorce. if in your horoscope have a presence of the shani dosha then start workshop of lord shani dev light the lamp of mustard oil every Saturday below a Ficus tree.
  • Wear a proven Seven Faced Rudraksha and try to calm dawn planet shani.
  • If planet rahucreate disturbance then wear eight faced proven rudraksha.
  • You should keep a shidhashukrayantara into your bedroom it will keep aways both of you from fights. It’s believed that shukra represent the worldly pleasures like money, love etc.
  • Domestic problems are also pacified by pouring flour to ants.If you do this work continuously for 21 days, you will start seeing the difference.
  • To keep peace between both husband and wife you should change your head side, keep your head towards east during sleeping.
  1. How to avoid divorce astrologically

You can prevent your relation with the help of some holy mantras that are written in our great and pure books.

  1. Mantra of lord Shree Hanuman ji to avoid divorce at all

“Om Hreem Yam Hreem Ram DootayaRipupuridahnayaAkshrishividaranaya

Aprimit Bal Prakramaya, RavanaGiriVajrayudayaHreemSwaha”

Process of chant mantra:

  • The person chanting mantra must wear red colour cloths.
  • He/ she should take bath into the brahma muhurta.
  • The ideal time for chanting this mantra is brahma muhurta.
  • Chant of this mantra only begins from Thursday not Tuesday and keep continue for 21days
  • Devotee must light the lamp, agarbati, gift sindoor, and flowers of red color Infront of photo or statue.
  1. “Om ShreemHreemPuranGrihsthSukhShidhyeHreemShreem Om Namah”

This mantra used by UMA to marry lord Shiva and it is written by the sage Durvasa. For better marriage life you must chant it regularly.


  1. Vashi Karan mantra to solve divorce problems

“Ohamnamohbhagawateambikeambalikeyakshi devi yurya yum balamhaskalimblum hara son rharharharhadarshtiprtyaksham mm (name) vashyam kuru kuruswaha”

Chant it for 21 days and replace the name with persons name that you want targeted your husband or wife will be back.

Om hrimshreem (husband or wife name) om vashmaanyswaha”

this hanuman mantra work for prevent you from divorce. keep chant 108 times Infront of the image of lord hanuman for 11days regularly before sleep.

  1. “Omhreemyoginim yogini yogeswari yoga bhayankarisakalasthavara

Jangamasyamukhahridayam mama vasamakarshaakarshayaswaha”

Use this mantra to get back your partner. You must bath before chant this and chant regularly without break till your partner come back.





Omvajrakaran shive rudhrudhbhavemamaeeamrt kuru kurusvaaha:


Above mantra helps to stop a divorce that you don’t want. this Mantra generate a great energy to attract your partner. He / she will try to communicate in various ways.


  1. “Om namah shivah shaktiswarupayh mama gaharhe shanti krukruswahah”

to avoid divorce you must workshop of lord shiv with bilvpatra or water for 41 days with chanting above mantra infront of lord shiva.

  • Chant this mantra after bath and wear neat and clean cloths.
  • Chant it for 41 days continue.
  • Try to live close with your partner during your workshop.



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