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How do you fix extramarital affairs – Indian Vashikaran Guru

Extramarital affairs can prove to be one of the most damaging to a relationship bound with marriage. Extramarital affairs are sometimes the result of the feeling of inadequacy in a relationship. Sometimes, they are mistakes made in haste. They can create endless confusion in a marriage. If you have been cheated on, there are many possible ways for you to deal with the situation. Separation is one of them. However, in many cases, you will want to give your marriage a second chance and you may want to know how to save and revive marriage post an extramarital affair. Although extramarital affairs can be very painful and stressful to deal with, with a lot of emotions involved, they are not the end of a marriage in most cases. You can talk and communicate with your partner. With astrological methods, you can revive your marriage and learn how to deal with extramarital affairs. There are mantras in Indian astrology that can help you create that connection with your spouse again. Both partners can work out the problems that eventually led to the affair. There are many reasons for extramarital affairs in India that drive people into this decision. Let us look at a few:

  • Dissatisfaction

When a person feels dissatisfied in the marriage, emotionally or otherwise, they tend to look for this love in people outside of the marriage. Dissatisfaction can also be caused by stress and reasons that either spouse is not responsible for. It may be a busy job or an individual’s personal dissatisfaction, that they may feel they are not satisfied in their marriage. Sometimes, people outgrow each other in a relationship. They may not find it exciting to live and care for the same person all their life. However, this is a temporary feeling that people feel and it can be fixed easily with astrology. Dissatisfaction in a marriage is very common but it does not mean that any partner should cheat on the other. Rather, they should make way for excitement and revive their relationship. Indian astrology recommends you the following mantras to chant to remove dissatisfaction from your relationship.

For men, this mantra is very helpful:

“Chaand mund daetya maheshwaram adi

Namami ahem muchaden sagaadi

Shanaishcharam mumb namam krishye

Charanam mude mukud chamadi”

For women, this mantra is helpful:

“Om udda Maheshwaraay Sarv Jagmohanay

An an ee uu trat raj phat swaha”

  • Lack of appreciation

Many times, a partner may invest a lot emotionally in a marriage but their efforts may be seen going neglected and under-appreciated. When this happens, the person does not find being in the relationship valuable anymore. Further, they may doubt that the reason for the lack of appreciation is an affair. The culmination of all these feelings that start from a lack of appreciation, lead to an extramarital affair.

  • Reckless decisions

Sometimes, the reason for an affair is nothing but reckless decisions. A mistake made in the spur of a moment can be severely damaging for the marriage. Mistakes are made subconsciously even if there are no problems in the marriage. However, one mistake can lead to the other and before you know it, you may have a full-fledged affair outside of your marriage.

  • Lack of responsibility

When there is a lack of responsibility in a marriage, it can lead to a feeling of inadequacy, boredom and dissatisfaction altogether. There should always be a sense of responsibility towards one another in a marriage as this leads to a habit and feeling of togetherness. Both spouses should make little efforts for each other to show their love. When efforts are invested in a marriage, the value of the marriage increases and this reduces the chances of extramarital affairs.

Now that you know some reasons that can lead to affairs, it is worth knowing how do you fix extramarital affairs as their occurrence does not mean the end of the relationship.

How do you fix extramarital affairs?

No matter how stressful extramarital affairs can be, you should always approach them with a calm mind. You can first try to understand what led to the need for an affair. If your spouse had cheated on you, you can communicate with them to know the reason for the affair. Whether it was a lack of appreciation or dissatisfaction, you should communicate calmly, without blaming yourself or your spouse. If you were the one who cheated and you want to fix your relationship with your partner, you may wonder what to do when you cheat on someone you love. You can start by acknowledging your mistakes and further, discuss with your partner the reasons that led to this affair. You must assure your partner that this will not happen again in order to fully resolve the situation. There are many astrologicalremedies for husband extra marital affairs as well as affairs of your wife.

Benefits of extra marital affairs

If you do not want to fix your marriage, you may be valuing some benefits of extra marital affairs in your situation. There are a few benefits of affairs depending on your situation. You may not want to fix your marriage because of problems with your spouse that cannot be fixed. Sometimes, people indulge in affairs to escape their married life that was not benefiting them or was harming them in some way. However, there are very little successful extramarital affairs according to statistics. This is because, unlike marriage, there are no rules of extramarital affairs. Hence, there is a lack of self-morale in extramarital affairs.

Struggling to end an extramarital affair

If you are guilty of indulging in a relationship outside of your marriage and you want to fix it, you may be confused about how to approach the situation without hurting feelings of people. Sometimes, women find themselves saying to themselves –I cheated on my husband how do I fix it. Or you may be a man looking to sort things with your wife after cheating on her. In both cases, it may be confusing about what to do if your husband or wife is having an extramarital affairsand how to repair a relationship after cheating.There are many ways to end an extramarital affair. Firstly, you need to talk with the person you cheated on your spouse with. You need to tell them that you want to save your marriage and not make it painful for both of you. There is no useavoiding and ending an affair is the only way to go.There are many ways to know how to stop husband extra marital affairs. Indian astrology can help you in ending an affair with the help of mantras and tactics.

“Om Mahayakshini Pati Mem Vashyam Kuru Kuru Swaha”

The above mantra must be chanted on Mondays and Thursdays by women who want their husbands to end their affair and come back to them. This is especially for the female partners in a relationship and not for men. This is a mantra that can help control the husband’s mind if done with dedication and care. One must not use this mantra too much and should be patient with the result. Results do not come immediately and need practice and focus to master.

“Shive Shive rate, Sankat kate”

For women in struggling relationships, Shiva always turns up as the saviour. Shiva is the supreme God for marriages and relationships. Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati’s story is revered all over the worlds and is considered ideal. Their relationship is full of respect, dedication and love. Chanting the above mantra everyday with dedication can help you to stop extramarital affairs that are disrupting your married life. Shiva definitely helps those in need. Hence, you should be patient with the results.

Mending your marriage after an affair

Maybe you have discussed and accepted the extramarital affair as a thing of the past and are now back with your spouse. However, the marriage cannot be the same as before the affair without efforts. If no efforts are made, the relationship will become dull and painful. There may be bitter feelings for one another and this will lead to an unhappy married life. It may also re start the cycle of extramarital affairs. When affairs become repetitive, they are harder to solve. According to Indian astrology, there are some mantras that can teach you how to repair your relationship after someone cheats. Following are some mantras:

“Om udda Maheshwaraay Sarv Jagmohanay

An an ee uu trat raj phat swaha”

Therefore, faith in astrology and good communication can teach you how to save and revive marriage post an extramarital affair. True faith is unmatched and can solve the biggest and most impossible of problems. Along with this, communication also plays an important role. When you have good communication with your partner, both of you can try mending your marriage after an affair with the help of Indian astrology. Thus, you can chant the mantras mentioned in this article and follow the tips provided to fix the extramarital affair that is tampering with your married life.



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