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How To Make Your Ex Fall Back In Love With You – Indian Vashikaran Guru

Probably you must be remembering the first time you met your partner, fell in love with him and how things in a lovely dove manner did really happen. But now things have changed which is why he is no longer your partner but now your ex. Are you really out of it? Or are you hoping things could get back to normal? Because if that is the case then Indian Vashikaran Guru can be of great help to you. There are some mantras that are powerful and can help you understand how your ex can get back to you. These how to make your ex fall back in love with you are easy to use but make sure you do it with complete honesty and better positively.

Tips on how to make your ex fall back in love with you

Before you start using the mantras on how to make your ex want you back without talking to him it is important that you focus on yourself as well. Have you really considered how disturbed you have been lately because of this issue? Well, you must get yourself some courage so that you can do these mantras with a pure heart and calm mind and see the changes yourself.

We are here talking about your ex so we cannot just stay in the situation where you might just wait for your partner to come. The thing these days have changed not just a little but a lot. The given below mantra can be helpful to you.

  • Om Namah Bhagwate Rudrav Drishti
  • Lekhi Nahar Swah Duhai Kansasur Ji
  • Joot Jooot Phura Mantra Ishwaro Vacha

Make sure you chant it 108 times and 3 weeks

Along with this, you might want to follow some handy tips on how to get your ex back spiritually that your friends and family advice. You need their company during this whole course because it’s the courage that you need the most. It is very much important that you talk to them, understand where you must have gone wrong and try thinking yourself as well. If you are not making any efforts or showing any interest then your ex would not even know that you have been putting so much effort to maintain this relationship.

Believe in yourself and get answers on how to make your ex fall in love with you again psychology:

Now things have gone way too ugly which is why your partner is your ex. But that does not mean you should lose hope in love or yourself. Rather, follow some interesting mantras that are given below which can be of great support to you. But at the same time, it is important that you stay confident during this whole course. The situation may have gone worst but certainly, what matters is how well you believe in yourself and want to make changes in a better way with yourself and your partner.

Think before you approach so you get answer on how to make my ex think about me constantly

Mistakes must be from both ways but it is also important how approaches first to rectify them. Maybe they have crossed the limit but certainly, you must not have been quiet the whole time. But this is the time of yours that you have got to think about where things have gone wrong. Also, the given below mantra can be of great help for you too. It is important that you focus on not doing these mistakes and rather improving yourself every day. This can be helpful way on how to make your ex fall in love with you again psychology The more positive changes are seen by your ex the higher would be chances that they would want to get back to you again.

  • Om Chamunday Jai Jai Stambhya
  • Stambhya Bhanjya Bhanjya
  • Mohay Mohay Sarvaste Namah Swaha
  • Follow this mantra for 41 weeks straight and repeat it 108 times a day.

Try to communicate with them:

Any relationship that has just gone through some tough times needs a cool-off period too. In your case, if things have gone way too worst then firstly, you must cool yourself down and let your partner take some more time as well. But once that happens and you are all set to sort out the differences, it is important that you try establishing communication with them. This simply means you should focus more on how you are using the words smartly so they understand and see your efforts and should not feel bad at all and get an answer on how to make my ex think about me constantly.

You might want to also chant this mantra:

  • Om Bhagwati bhag bhaag dayini [love interest’s name]
  • Mam vashyam kuru kuru swaha
  • Follow it for the next 118 days

Also, follow the given mantra which is quite helpful. This mantra is not just effective but it will help you see the right path in future. Do it after wearing fresh clothes and think of the god too. The Indian Vashikaran Guru can be of great support for the heartbreaks like yours and would get you out of it in all possible manners. But also your efforts do matter so make sure you give your best and believe in the mantas while performing it so you know how to make your ex fall in love with you again over text.

It’s time to woo them:

Probably he is now your ex but that won’t be for long if you keep making efforts and show the person why and how much really the person mean to you. For this, you must look forward to giving your best by trying to woo the person with their likes. Be it the food they like, the activities they love to do or the way you would want to present them and tell them how much you miss the person, not around you. Your emotions should depict what you feel and for this, use the words very well. Try to create a situation where they would be keen to listen to you and try to understand your lookout as well.

What’s done is gone, try afresh so you know how to make your ex love you again fast,

You might want to look for better ways on how to get your ex boyfriend back even if it seems impossible but also you must move on and let your partner move on too. You both cannot just grab on to the same topic for long and keep cribbing on it. It is very important to mend this matter and it is possible only when you close those old chapters which actually created the differences between you both. Also, the mantra given below is helpful too.

Shiva vashikaran mantra to get love back

||Om Namoh Aadi Rupay (Beloved name)

Akarshanam Kuru Kuru Swaha||

? ??? ??? ??? ? (????????? ???)

??????? ???? ???? ???? ||

This is a very easy-to-pronounce and simple mantra that you can perform and see the positive changes in less time.

The above mantras should be performed in fresh clothes and in a positive environment. Always thank god for being there with you and make sure when it’s the mantas you are saying, use it in the right pronunciation. It is important to simply let your partner get some time too because just like you even he has been going through a lot. Maybe not immediately but certainly, your partner would get back to you soon.

Plan for a date night

This is the most romantic yet traditional gesture that everyone loves. This is that private moment that every person desires to spend with their partner. You and your partner surely would not be any exceptions. You might want to think out of the box and plan for a trip and then conducts such an event which would surprise them. But if you are not sure about how your partner is going to react then take your time and start with slow baby steps.

Also, follow this mantra 108 times a day:

Goddess Durga’s mantra is to get love back


? ?? (???? -????????? ??? ) ????? ????? ???? ???? ????

Love is that feeling which doesn’t go or come so easily. Everything takes time so he may be your ex right now but that does not mean the person is never going to come back in your life ever again. It is better to let the person have his own space and also at some time, they surely would come back to you. Understand that the mantras given are quite powerful and hence they would help too. But you need to be equally positive about the whole situation.


The tips and mantras shared above can be of great help to you. But see to it that when you actually consider doing it, you do it with your heart. Don’t stress out yourself too much. Just stay positive and believe in yourself because that is what matters most of all.



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