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Effects of Kemdrum Dosha in Kundli and Solution

We live in a world where our modern living has overtaken our regular living. We are so stressed and run behind earning money that self-care is the last thing we probably must be thinking of. But do you there are some effects of grahas as well that make us live this way? Talking of which one such dosh that you might want to know and effects of kemdrum dosha in kundli solution. As per the Indian vashikaran Guru, there might be many different mantras and Jaap that can help to reduce the impact of such dosha. But before you go ahead and understand the how to beat your kemdrum dosh solution for such dosh, you need to also have clarity on what exactly it is.

What is kemdrum dosh:

Also known as the Kemdrum yoga, this dosh is known to have both positive and negative effects on the mind and life of the person. It is believed kemdrum dosh how to nullify its effect on the person with such dosh even may have a rich life but still end up living poor which is vulnerable. But such doshas the positive impact to a good extent. SO if you just want to bring such doshas negative impact under control then there are some jap or mantra that needs to be recited along with other rules to be followed that would be about religious fasting and beliefs that you need to be very particular about.

It is believed that such dosha may hot you at a time when there is no other planet on any of the moon side. As per the Indian vashikaran guru, such kemdrum dosh – a slow killer in birth chart is not malefic which it may seem to be. If the moon is placed in the right manner then this dosha can turn out to be quite helpful to you in many ways.

The reason why it is said that the moon dosha has got both positive and negative precautions is simply that, the moon is associated with mood and mind. The moon dominance can be quite high and at such times, you might notice your thoughts become altered to a certain alarming degree, You are also likely to create some baseless idea in your head and fall prey to whatever overthinking that you had been doing. Further, you may not be indulging yourself in the over discussing matters that of course are key to having fewer repercussions. This can prove to be a negative phase in your life which is why you may even face disease and poverty problems. You will also have more environments than your friends.

It is also believed that a certain aspect of life is likely to have a much positive yet high impact. Either your studies will be incomplete forever or you not get married in any way. And even if you get married, you will not see the face of happiness. To be precise how to sovle kemadruma dosha there is no settling in life for you have written in your destiny at all.

Effects of Kemdruma yoga

Considering the Kemdrum dosha’s positive effects, well there are so many that probably you may feel motivated and confident about life. As a person with such dosha, people are quite confident in any phase. They will no matter whatsoever not give up in any situation. The intellect is likely to come as the positive side for those who have the problems of such dosha.

Further, you are likely to achieve a good position in life. It is your good behavior that will help you earn a good name and fame. But such things may turn around entirely in a different way. That is why to understand how to solve kemdruma dosha it is important to tread carefully in such a time span.

In Vedic astrology, the moon is considered to be of extreme importance and that is why when there will not be any planet present anywhere close to the moon, there is very less chance for anything good to happen in life. There will also be more downs than ups in life which you could imagine. Such things however are liable for the change in an unexpected manner. The period would see you in a constant confusion state. It does not matter whether you get success or not, you are likely to feel quite lost most of your phase.

There is no doubt that the moon shall have a deep impact on your routine living. Your abilities to make the decision are likely to deteriorate during such dosh and thus there are very limited chances that anything could go right in the decision that you make. This means, that no matter how hard you work and don’t give up, in the end, whatever you have acquired, you will lose it someday in one way or the other.

It is also believed that people with such dosha are likely to have a difficult living. That is why, if money matters are to be considered, the person with such dosha needs to be extremely careful. It is quite likely that you shall be more included in the immoral activities. The right and wrong sense may not come in easy way when this dosh is on you.

You might want to stay alone forever. Your loved ones on their own would prefer to stay away from you. Such isolation can make you face a lot of negative losses and thus you would be the victim of an overactive imagination. This would eventually take away the reality from you. It will be quite difficult for you to keep a better composure in public gatherings or even during family functions.

The moon since is also associated with the mind, which means, there are likely to be wavering in your life often. You will not have any control over most of the time. That is why people with such dosh may have a flattering mind and may overrule the reason and logic which could render the directionless too.

At the same time, you are also likely to earn success and imagination during such dosh. You might be a little more inclined towards spirituality which of course would help you control your thoughts. Once you start detaching your advantages, such dosha would be an advantage for you and you shall have a more deep understanding of all things around you than you could have imagined.

Kemdrum dosha’s impact & remedies in Vedic Astrology

To fast on Purnima and Monday every week can give you many of the proven results to deal with such dosha. Also, you should pray to Lord Shiva that can be extremely helpful in your life. If you believe in doing good deeds then you might want to donate things but try doubting the white things like rice, milk and curd which will help you do a dreadful act and reduce the kemdrum dosha impact to a great extent.

You need to also get yourself well involved in different activities that would help you exercise the mind since such dosha will have to bother more than playing with the mind. You might want to stay in the company of good people and get yourself involved in some positive conversations. This way your mind would always stay nourished and you can think straight and clear. This is of course the most practical way that can be thought kemdrum yoga remedies.  You might want to keep Ganagajal at tour home which can also be helpful for you in a crisis time.

Such dosha is not destructive in all possible ways that you can think of. It does have some positive results on different factors. That is why you don’t have to be frightened when it comes to your kundali. Further, you might want to speak with an Indian vashikaran guru for professional advice and get yourself out of such dosha trouble.

You might want to chant Shiva Stora 108 times:

ishveshvaraya narakarnava taranaya

karnamrutaya shashishekhara dharanaya

karpurakantidhavalaya jatadharaya

daridrya duhkhadahanaya namah shivaya


gauripriyaya rajanishakaladharaya

kalantakaya bhujagadhipankanaya

gangadharaya gajarajavimardanaya

daridrya dukhadahanaya namah shivaya


bhaktipriyaya bhavarogabhayapahaya

ugraya durgabhavasagarataranaya

jyotirmayaya gunanamasunutyakaya

daridrya duhkha dahanaya namah shivaya


charmambaraya shavabhasmavilepanaya

bhalekshanaya manikundala manditaya

manjirapadayugalaya jatadharaya

daridrya duhka dahanaya namah shivaya


panchananaya phaniraja vibhushanaya

hemamshukaya bhuvanatrayamanditaya

anandabhumivaradaya tamomayaya

daridrya duhka dahanaya namah shivaya


bhanupriyaya bhavasagarataranaya

kalantakaya kamalasanapujitaya

netratrayaya shubhalakshana lakshitaya

daridrya duhka dahanaya namah shivaya


ramapriyaya raghunathavarapradaya

nagapriyaya narakarnavataranaya

punyeshu punyabharitaya surarchitaya

daridrya duhka dahanaya namah shivaya


mukteshwaraya phaladaya ganeshwaraya

gitapriyaya vrushabheshwara vahanaya

matangacharmavasanaya maheshwaraya

daridrya duhka dahanaya namah shivaya

Know the Kemdrum Dosh formation:

In the 2nd and 12th houses from the moon, there would be emotionless that can be seen in the kundali that is what Kemdrum dosha is all about. Such dosha is created when the moon is not connected with other plants at all. The plants of Rahu and Ketu will also not be able to get analysed properly when speaking about such dosha.

There are likely to be some delusion effects of the dosha which may create problems in the life of the person affected. That is why such dosha is not considered to be holy as per the Vedic astrology. The person who is born with such dosha however is likely to active better growth in business and career.

The seniors and colleagues would always show them respect and appreciate the way they work hard. There are so many astrologers who often speak on the negative Kemdrum dosha impact. But ideally, this is not the fact. A good yoga presence would help in converting the kemdrum dosha into rakja yoga. That is why; you might want to look for the yoga’s that could eliminate the Kemdrum yoga effect.

Kemdrum Dosha’s behavioral Traits

If the meal has this moon effect, well then it can be more positive. The look female get would be charming and attractive and they shall be furthermore passionate about the role and responsibilities of their family and home. They are also quite good at cooling and handling different household work. Love for the food and travelling could make them stay positive in the life despite having troubles

If it is the person who is affected by such dosha then they are quite gentle and sensitive. They may have the mode of a proud attitude and may not relay talk faster. They too have a love for the adventure but that doesn’t really would change their mind. Being extremely generous, the male with such dosha can be helpful to their loved ones as and when needed.

Positive Impact of KemDrum Dosh

If the positive aspect of such dosha is to be considered the best part is this dosha can have a good influence on the mind of the individual. It not just makes them impatient but fidget as well. It is crucial for the individuals who have such dosha in their birth chart to learn how to keep their minds calm and cool often. Practicing yoga and medications on regular basis would further be helpful for them. The kemdrum dosha appearance would always show a positive impact on the native life.

Talking of which, one such positive aspect of such dosha is that it would enhance the learning ability and new skills without any hassle.

The native is likely to be an expert who can easily grab the knowledge for any kind of subject. That is why, the native is likely to be helpful, teachers by professionals or coaches, guides and mentors.

If they choose to be mentors or guides of a person who already holds the power of knowledge then it could be of course an exception for them since they shall have the blend of expertise and knowledge at the same time.

Individuals who may have such dosha at their birth might get attached to devoutness and spirituality.

If meditation is a practice often, it can help on concentrating life goals to achieve inner happiness and amity.

Negative Impact of Kemdrum Dosh

As per astrology, the moon has a huge role in mind-controlling. Kemdrum yoga is the primary reason for the desolation or emptiness that may run in the mind. There could be some negative ideas and unworthy thoughts which are often caused due to moon. Also, there is some adverse impact of such dosha that could be seen in the birth chart.

Not much interest in education

The less brainpower and not the efficient capacity for thinking

Numerous hindrances could be faced in the life-cycle

The kemdrum dosh ill effects may lead to the distraught of the person and also the punitive in terms of nature

The person may have poverty issues once in the whole life

The person will not have a good stable married life

There are likely to be negative effects of this dosha that can make a person get involved in illicit yet wrong deed activities.

You can chant another mantra to deal with negative issues: Chandra Mantra:

Om Shram Shreem Shrom Sah Somay Namah ||

चंद्र मंत्र: ओम श्रां श्रीं श्रौं सः सोमाय नमः ।

Remedies to Lessen the Negative Impact of Kemdrum Dosha

As per the Vedic astrology that has been made, it is found that if you tend to read the regular prediction, it may not work till the time you come up with the right solution for the issues. There is a possibility of the Kaal Sarp dosh and even Pitra dosh for which there is Nivaran puja which is some of the great remedies for treating the adverse dosh effects as stated in the astrology. That is why it is crucial to do some rituals so that the ill impact of Kemdrum can be nullified in the horoscope. Different remedies can trail as per the birth chart. As per the astrology, given are some preventive measures that can help in abolishing the kemdrum deleterious effect from the natal chart.

You need to observe fast on Monday on regular basis and even worship Lord Shiva by providing milk to the shivling. You can also perform the Abhishekh with holy water with the sesame seed.

You need to recite the mantras like Om Namah Shivaya or Om Som Somaya Namah on regular basis.

Consider worshiping the moon on the full moon day

On very Purnima, offer kheer.

Give the white color items like a white flower, rice, sugar, kheer and even white pearls and white clothes to needy people.

Every Monday offers milk on Parad Shivling.

To avoid the Kemdrum Dosh effect of Kemdrum Dosh in the chart of birth, try wearing silver accessories such silver chain with a pendant which is made of the white pearl in the design of a half-moon.

Also this mantra can be helpful:

दुर्गे स्मृता हरसि भीतिमशेषजन्तो: स्वस्थै: स्मृता मतिमतीव शुभां ददासि। दारिद्रयदु:खभयहारिणि का त्वदन्या सर्वोपकारकरणाय सदार्द्रचित्ता।।

durge smṛtā harasi bhītimaśeṣajanto: svasthai: smṛtā matimatīva śubhāṃ dadāsi। dāridrayadu:khabhayahāriṇi kā tvadanyā sarvopakārakaraṇāya sadārdracittā।।”


You may have learnt more about the Kaal Sarp dosh that many people have on their birth charts. Similar to it is the Kemadrum Dosh which may be harmful. It is always better to speak with an expert on the same to understand the effectiveness and effectiveness of the case.



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