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Astrological tips to solve Marriage Problems – Indian Vashikaran Guru

A wedding has a significant impact on a person’s life; it may decide their fate of them. Whether such someone will get married or not may be determined by their natal chart. Wedding is predicted by some astrology configurations while it is not predicted by many others. Additionally, certain astrological configurations postpone weddings. For males, the timing and type of wedding are determined by the 7th house, its ruler, and Mercury. The 7th and 8th sectors, their rulers, and Mars, on the other hand, reveal what is in store for women at weddings.

The Wedding Analyzer examines several facets of your birth chart, examining the effects of various planets that determine if you will get married when you will get wedded, and what kind of relationship and marriages you will have. The Wedding Calculator’s output is broad in nature, and some natal charts may conflict with certain features of the output. You are thus required to see the outcome as a whole rather than becoming bogged down in certain sections.

Astrological tips to solve Marriage Problems

  • By researching and evaluating how stars, especially Venus, affect each person’s house positions, an equilibrium may be achieved. Horoscope can provide solutions to counteract the negative effects of these elements on each couple based on these readings.
  • After checking with a reputable astrologer, using yellow sapphire may considerably boost each spouse’s Jupiter and promote intense love between both lovers.
  • On Thursday, the spouse is expected to act fast. It will improve the relationship between the two spouses. On Saturday, you can release the birds from their cage.
  • Monday is a day of fasting, as well as every morning, offer Lord Shiva 27 Bel Patra and water.
  • Give black sesame and black urad dal for 3 Saturdays to prevent arguments and disagreements among wife and husband. You must speak with an expert astrologer who specializes in love marriage to prevent disputes between the wife and husband.
  • giving the young girls candy two or three times a week, particularly on Fridays.
  • assisting a struggling economically girl in marriage or giving her considerable economic assistance.
  • Most common and effective tip is feeding insects, birds, or ants.

Marriage Problems that Astrology can Solve

In married life, you can face some common problems that can make your relationship very bad. Some of them are compatibility issues, financial worries, Issues with In-laws and extramarital affairs, and last intimacy issues are Common Marriage Problems That Astrology Can Solve.

Sometimes these issues are created due to the wrong couple’s marriage with mismatching planets with astrology you can turn it positive from negative effects. Due to misunderstandings between couples, they face some issues that can make your life complicated and sometimes issues rise with the level of divorce. To avoids these things, you must visit the astrologer with the horoscope chart of both couples.An astrologer will look at both of your horoscopes and give you solutions to all your problems.

Remedies solutions for happy married life

  • ­­­You can get the solution to all the problems of your married life with astrology.In accordance with astrology advice, regularly cleaning the floor with salt water will greatly improve your relationship. The native should attempt to clean the surfaces with salt every day, if not more often. In India, this is one of the most often used husband-wife conflict resolution strategies.
  • The woman’s wearing of a set of gold or yellow bangles improves the likelihood that the pair will have a wonderful marriage. The woman’s lives are expected to become peaceful and joyful as a result of donning the bracelets. Additionally, the bracelets must be worn seriously and with the utmost dedication; the pair won’t benefit from wearing them only for show. It’s also intended to make your family happy.
  • To quickly resolve marital issues, the pair must store 11 Gomti Chakra with Red vermillion in a vermillion box. It has already been demonstrated to address all marital-related issues gently and continuously. This cure has the capacity to settle any partner conflict.
  • On Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Thursdays, the pair must prevent having her hair trimmed and nails painted. In addition, one must refrain from doing their laundry at home and from oiling their hair on Thursdays and Saturdays. The couple searching for remedies to their marital issues will find this cure to be quite helpful.
  • In addition to preserving their relationship peace, the pair should abstain from eating any non-vegetarian foods on Tuesdays and Saturdays. has a significant impact on how you live on such days. Eliminating nonveg lets the pair communicate more effectively, which eventually results in the relationship being happier.
  • Tuesdays should be the woman’s day to provide delicacies for the less fortunate in order to reduce the influence of the Moon and Mars in their life. If a couple believes that their relationship is going in the wrong direction, they could give sweets together in an effort to salvage their union. To get the most out of this treatment, the native must offer sweets to the closest shrine while wearing no shoes.

Prevent Marriage Break-up Through Vedic Astrology Remedies,

The uncongenial in a marriage begins to deteriorate whenever the husband and wife begin to take one another for trust. The pleasure of their marriage might be impacted by this. One can utilize the Mantras listed as a treatment in this circumstance and chant it to improve the balance in your connection:



Until things return to normal, recite this phrase 3, 5, or 11 times daily while circling a wreath. Repeat this phrase in a serene setting while sitting on a wooden mat. One must appeal to the ancestor Lord, trying to make peace in their connection, after reciting this Prayer each day.

Conflicts in marriages occur for causes that are unpredictable to the individual. In this situation, both husbands might recite the phrase below to strengthen their affection and marital bliss. If feasible, both should say it five times a day or more.

The phrase is


And A very strong mantra for save married life from divorce



How can you solve your love marriage problem

  • So according to Vastu, it is beneficial and right to keep a glass in the bedroom. As a result, the distance between both the spouse and hubby is lessened, and their love develops.
  • A window in the bedroom is a need since it eases tension in the marriage and fosters genuine attraction.
  • Put a photo of the two of you together in the bedroom since it will help you sense their affection. They stand for love, and the pair will forever be adoration by one another.
  • Always leave a dried-up, prickly flower in your bedroom. The tension between both the husband and wife rises as a result.
  • Maintaining a money tree is seen to be lucky in Vastu since it represents Venus. It sweetens the bond between such a husband and wife and increases their affection for one another.

Totka for happy married life

What causes marriages to be stressful or to end in divorce, or what causes people to put off tying the knot or find it challenging to do so, and how does it affect this connection? Marriages frequently have downs and ups because of arguments or other factors, but in reality, this is because of unique celestial yogas that have developed in the individual’s astrology.

  • The bedroom in which the married couple sleep shouldn’t have a changing table. If the vanity table must be retained in the same space, arrange it so that no one can see it when moving or resting.
  • The popularity of metal beds has grown significantly in recent years, yet Vastu’s theory holds that metal beds foster bitterness and strife in marriages.
  • He can apply this cure if there is a significant amount of conflict or turmoil in his home. If you wish to have wheat pounded at home, then do it on Mondays. Add a little black gram before crushing. All domestic disputes will end as soon as anyone in the family consumes this blended flour.
  • Each day, a piece of the meal that the husband and the wife eat is taken out now and given to the birds, increasing the couple’s love for one another.
  • If indeed the partner’s drinking habit is causing marriage love to suffer, the partner’s drinking habit may be broken by taking equine perspiration, saying the chant to create marital love better 54 times, holding it in your palms, and afterward smelling it.

LalKitab remedies for happy married life

3 stars, based on the Lal Kitab, are to blame for marital troubles. These include the Moon, Mars, and Mercury. The Lal Kitab offers straightforward, doable cures.

There’s no instant attachment between both the husband and wife because of the Moon. Mars leads to miscommunication and behavioral discrepancies between both the two. Among the treatments that can be used are:

  • Every week, the wife must use salt water to scrub the building’s floors.
  • Fruits and sweets must be presented to Lord before being shared amongst some of the family’s elders.
  • Pick up three copper coins, jaggery, 7 pure turmeric bits, and Kesar. Dump them more towards your in-laws’ house while they are all tied together with a yellow cloth. Peace here between husband and wife’s family will result from this.
  • In order to establish peace in the marriage, the woman must wear golden or yellow bangles.
  • Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays are bad days to cut fingernails.

Vedic remedies for happy married life

  • Love and fulfillment will continue to exist in married life if the spouse continually carry a yellow bracelet in her hand.
  • Bringing svetark and a workshop on Navratri’s Navami day. Worshiping the white Madar tree will bring you wealth, and affection between partners will grow.
  • any Friday by a mild scent or aroma.
  • Love and joy will continue to exist in married life if the spouse continually carries a yellow bracelet in her hand.
  • Happily married life and family life will go well if a married woman regularly fires a lamp with jasmine oil.

remedies for marriage with the desired person

  • All the Shravan Maas, girls must wear green bracelets. On Thursday, wear white clothing. These two are for Venus/Shukra, the planet that governs relationships, early marriage, and love.
  • Place a burning Diya/Deepak on the southwestern side of your home.
  • Put together a few soils from your lover’s foot and store them in a Malmal (soft cloth). keep 7 long cloves and 21 Urad Dal grains in the cloth. Tie the fabric. As you ask Ishta Devata for her love, hold the collections you have made in your palm. After that, throw the package into multiple ponds, streams, or lakes.
  • In order to overcome these challenges and have a successful love marriage, try these solutions.

You may take comfort knowing that all of your anxieties about the difficulties in your love marriage are gone.

LalKitab remedies for second marriage

Astrology places a second wife in the second apartment of the zodiac, while the eighth home represents lifespan. In conclusion, nothing other than the 2nd house will accurately indicate the ideal period for a second wife in the horoscope, which is the 8th house from the 7th home.

You must pray to Lord Vishnu if you’re considering tying the knot again but are having issues with your current relationship. Get up every morning and present Lord Vishnu with yellow flowers. Restate the Vishnu Sahasranama after that. Additionally, the usage of meat liquor, onions, and garlic must end totally.

The issues in the second marriage can be solved by having a couple of rabbits in the home.

marriage problems astrology free

  • Economic disparities, interpersonal conflicts, and other challenges can frequently lead to difficulties in marital life. It has an impact on the spouses’ love and relationship. You may fix your romantic life’s issues with the marriage horoscope.
  • A spouse’s carelessness and adulterous affairs may also cause problems in a relationship. One might learn about their marital issues and potential remedies with the use of a wedding zodiac.
  • Miscommunications or problems with finances might cause the two people to be distant from one another. This issue with the married couple may be solved by astrology wedding predictions. One can close the gap between them and your relationship with the assistance of a professional astrologer’s counsel.

astrological remedies for a good relationship

for a better relationship, you can chant the mantra

ohm honmjunshah


ohm junshah


ohm NamahShivaya

this is a chant on the Shukla paksha Monday in the shiva temple for 21 days minimum.

Another mantra for a better relationship is-

mahayakshinipati mem vashyam kuru swaha


Which planet is responsible for the marriage problem

In with us getting married, the second, eighth, and twelfth houses all play significant roles. Mars (Mangal), Sun, Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn (Shani) are in charge of late or postponed getting married. Saturn and Rahu perform the major dominant position however, the Sun impacts gently by providing the minor function.

Marriage is greatly impacted negatively if Saturn is the ruler of the seventh home or is positioned in the seventh house. Such a zodiac predicts that the person will either put off getting married or wait until an older period.

How can I improve my marriage life in astrology

  • Every Thursday, both spouses must be worshipped in order to instill sweetness and peace into their marriage. (Thursday) On this day, one should go to a temple to witness Ram-Janaki and provide prasad to the populace.
  • It is said that if Jamun leaves are picked and placed in just about any bedroom area on Saturday, marital strife will disappear, and mutual relations will become more harmonious and loving.
  • It is said that if users brought white sweet treats or perfume and start giving them to their spouse on Friday, the dissension will disappear and the sweet taste of someone’s marriage will endure.

How can I improve my Husband-and-wife relationship in astrology?

  • Sleeping towards the southeast. On the other side, put a picture of water going. No religious statues should be hung in the bedroom.
  • According to astrology, Fridays are lucky. Purchase one another’sjewelry and clothing. Buy some fragrance with a delicate scent.
  • Try painting your bedroom’s walls pink. When you can’t, simply tie the pink string to your bed’s four edges.
  • Making a mixture of Goronchan turmeric on 3 grapevine leaves and writing your husband’s name with such a peacock feathers pens, filling it in a box thing, and setting it at the family’s foot in which the plants are gathered would bring you marriage pleasure.
  • When resting inthe evening, Desi camphor and Kamiya vermilion must be placed on the wife’s and the husband’s respective beds, respectively. The husband must fire the pure camphor the next day at daylight, and the wife would scatter vermilion throughout the home. This powerful tantric treatment causes the husband and wife’s argument to halt totally within a few weeks.



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