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Guru is a successful professional online astrologer, vedic astrologer, indian astrologer and KP System astrologer with over 25 years of experience in vedic astrology , hindu astrology and indian astrology.Predictions are based on ‘Vastushastra’ and the “Vashikaran” and pinpointing the timing of events is the main feature of his work. The focus of his practice is on love life, marital compatibility, progeny, profession, education and financial stability.Seventy percent of his clients are returning clients who are already satisfied of their online astrology reading / horoscope reading. He has been working as an online Astrologer for last two years. He is among the very few Astrologers whose clients are spread across the world. He also has to his credit, clients from various parts of the world, like the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, South Africa, Canada, Germany, Singapore, Thailand & Spain.

He has completed his mechanical engineering, Diploma in business & Industrial management. He was however always interested in astrology & gemmology, which did not let him be at ease. It was then that he met two great gurus in astrology, Shri V. D. Bharti & Shri M.D. Sethi, who guided him to the completion of the advanced learning in astrology, from the ‘Maharashtra Jyotish Parishad, Pune’. His training in Gemmology was completed under the able guidance of Shri K.V.Peshwa from the JRVGTI, located in the Fergusson college campus Pune. His training in palmistry, was fruitful under the guidance of Shri K.S.Sharma, the famous palmist from North India .

What is mandatory to get a astrology online reading is the accurate date, time and place of birth of an individual and our astrologer would cast Vedic Astrology chart (Birth Chart – Janam Kundali) and based on the natal birth chart predictions would be made. Astrology readings are based on Vimshotari Mahadasa, Bhukti, Antara and Transits of the dasa running planets. If you are not sure of your time of birth then Horary astrology would used to analyse your chart. If an individual cannot provide the correct birth details then he needs to provide a number from 1 to 249 which would enable our Astrologer to erect a horary chart for that particular individual. Horary astrology should not be mixed with numerology, this is pure astrology where like natal chart the horary chart is erected with the planets occupying houses as in sky on the same day where only the rising sign is calculated based on the number provided by the client. Vedic Astrology Compatibility is also done taking the birth data of two individuals.